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  1. Battlestar Columbia
  2. Buck Rogers Starfighters
  3. Galactica Model with lighting
  4. Voodoo: Realm of the Voodoo Priestess-AnimationFantasy
  5. Boston Spaceship (the Movie) R Foreplay/Longtime
  6. Turbo Time....
  7. Boston vs Aerosmith ( Duel in space- ext version)
  8. My Imperial Star Destroyer
  9. My Corellian Corvette
  10. Cylon First Contact ( Final ) Short-Fiction-Episode
  11. Battlestar Galactica: The Promised Land
  12. (Battlestar Down) Atlantia's Doom Pt.1 CGI-GFX-Cin4d
  13. Battle of Atlantia an ongoing epic..Space Battle
  14. (BSG) Are You Alive Final
  15. PRESENTING: BattleSTAR Galactica WARS Part I
  16. New BG's Space Nebulae
  17. Space Battle II part 1
  18. (BSG) Battlestar-Battle over Earth
  19. (SW) Bandit ( A Love Story?)
  20. My first Asteroid Field
  21. Star Wars Bandit On the Run - Escape
  22. Electrified Hull(Enterprise E) + new Logo Intro
  23. Special FX Video Montage #1
  24. Romulans vs Borg
  25. Colonial Fleets logo.
  26. Just how big is the Battlestar Galactica?
  27. My landing bay demo for my Galactica projects...
  28. Studio Scale Eastern Alliance Destroyer Recreation
  29. Battlestar vs Battlestar (Civil War) 3d/CG/animation
  30. Dragon In Flight
  31. Lee Stringer's Studio Scale Colonial Movers
  32. Video of Jim Creveling's nuBG Agro Ship build
  33. Sean Sides's Gemini Freighter Replica
  34. Just how big is an Imperial Star Destroyer, you might ask?
  35. Rise of the Cylons Battlestar- CG-Fiction Pt.1
  36. Vipers Attack
  37. The Ranger
  38. The Defender
  39. Rise of the Cylons Pt.1 & 2
  40. The Galactica in Orbit
  41. Toasted Chrome Toasters
  42. Battlestar Scorpio
  43. Do Not Attempt to Stop Watching
  44. Lens flare test
  45. My final build of a Colonial battlestar
  46. Recreating a Ralph McQuarrie image
  47. Rise of the Cylons (FULL) Pt's. 1-3
  48. Best of Thunder 2012 CG Videos
  49. Rise of the Cylons 4
  50. Really Cool ACDC Text animation.
  51. Girl's Got a Rhythm
  52. A variant pic of my classic Constitution class Enterprise
  53. Black Love Into You
  54. Viper vs Raider Cgi-C4d
  55. Viper vs Raider #2 Cgi-C4d
  56. Battlestar The Chase/Resurrect CG/C4d
  57. Star Wars CG-C4d Cinematic
  58. Star Wars Flickerama (CG VIDZ)
  59. Battlestar Evil Intent
  60. BSG Evil Intent II
  61. BSG Edge of Darkness
  62. Signal From Earth
  63. Free for All ( Nugent)
  64. Heart/Foreigner
  65. Battlestar Blastin
  66. Van Halen
  67. BSG Pacifica Fleet
  68. Cylon First Contact ( Revisited)
  69. Cylon First Contact-(extended version)
  70. Fire When Ready
  71. Empire Strikes Back CG Recreate
  72. UFO (Music) Chains Chains
  73. Got bored....redid my build of the TMP Klingon battlecruiser...
  74. Eastern Alliance- The Pact.
  75. The boredom continues...my reduxn rebuilt refit U.S.S. Entrprise
  76. Much more worthy animation for my Klingon cruiser, photon torpedo, and Vger cloud
  77. Ships of Sci-FI
  78. My remake of the opening moments of Star Trek The Motion Picture
  79. A Mission of Honor
  80. My LATEST GREATEST build of the K't'inga!
  81. Galactica vs Eastern Alliance
  82. Foreplay-Boston Spaceship II
  83. My rebuilt and retextured refit USS Enterprise
  84. Remake of my remake of the opening moments of Star Trek The Motion Picture
  85. Battlestar Galactica: Brothers of Man
  86. Viper's for the Holidays
  87. STAR TREK CAPTAINS' LOGS: DECLASSIFIED (another exercise in generating apathy)
  88. Paper Model of the Battlestar Galactica
  89. Colonial Warrior Blaster
  90. Buck Roger Thunder Fighter in BSG Paint Scheme
  91. Landram (paper model)
  92. Snowram
  93. "Happy Birthday Buck" Thunder Fighter
  94. "David Jones Concept" Thunder Fighter
  95. Cylon Blaster
  96. "v" blaster
  97. Blasters from "Buck Rogers" (BRTC25)
  98. "LEGO" Style Cylon centurions (made of Paper)
  99. Ladies of Galactica
  100. How big is the Galactica
  101. Buck Rogers Binary Approach
  102. Buck Rogers 25th Century youtube video
  103. Buck Rogers Popsicle stick starfighter
  104. A little piece
  105. Galactica Images
  106. viper
  107. Battle
  108. Know your Enemy
  109. Just a cutsie piece
  110. Lambs to Slaughter
  111. My other car's a Battlestar
  112. Colonial Viper MK-II Diorama
  113. Video demo of my latest refit Enterprise build
  114. Buck Rogers 35th Anniversary
  115. Boston Spaceship-The Journey Home
  116. The big "G"
  117. Launch Vipers
  118. Playing with Lightwave - Again
  119. Tribute to Barbarella
  120. Sorry
  121. Galactica among asteroids
  122. David Kerin's Eastern Alliance Destroyer made entirely of paper