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  2. You Are My Hero
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  5. When I'm down I remember this song...
  6. A Dark and Winding Road...and the light around the bend.
  7. Time to smile- Sign Fun!
  8. my favorite poem........
  9. It made me wanna cry like a wee little girlie
  10. Family doesn't always mean blood relative
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  13. The Wave
  14. Waterfalls and tears
  15. Roses are Red
  16. Rendering Our Lives
  17. To a very special daughter
  18. If Heaven
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  20. Do not Mourn me.
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  22. You Gotta Love Kids
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  26. A little present from Muffit on this special day...
  27. A baby asked God...
  28. A Muffy Haiku
  29. what happens when you don't have a beta
  30. Ode to Evolution
  31. Need Washing?
  32. A parents wish
  33. curds and whey
  34. My daughter turns 11 tomorrow
  35. A Story about Four People
  36. Heaven's Grocery Store
  37. A song from Trek
  38. STARBUCKing Across the Frackin' Verse! (Reimagined)
  39. What is it?
  40. The Jelly Bean Prayer
  41. A white colonial warrior suit...
  42. BSG - Re-arrange episode order....
  43. A warriors salute
  44. The Falsehood of Failure and the Truth About Winning
  45. Life’s Lessons
  46. A point to ponder.
  47. Three Years in remission from Pancreatic Cancer