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Default DVD Boxed Set Review Thread

OK, folks, since I’m one of only a few who have received the DVD set yet, I’ll start a review thread. I expect everybody to chime in here as more are received.

First, a couple of quick points. I bought the DVD set because I wanted the original episodes. I wanted to see the REAL Battlestar Galactica. The extras are just that – extras, gravy.

So far, it’s worth the price.

The packaging – pretty much as I expected, but a bit disappointing for a “collector’s” set. The plastic Cylon helmet is glued to a simple silver-foiled box. The back label is glued (with a very weak adhesive) cockeyed on the bottom of the box (but they hide the anti-theft gizmo under one corner of the label).

Inside, though, the six DVDs are in a fold-up holder; sturdy cardboard printed with scenes and characters. A booklet describes the contents and has a brief synopsis of each episode. The extras (almost exclusively deleted/missing scenes) are at the end of each DVD, and are linked to the episodes on each DVD (I mean the extra scenes for Episode X are on the same DVD as Episode X).

DVDs numbers 1 through 4 are two-sided. None of the DVDs have full labels – just tiny little letters in a band around the center.

Oh, and they’re kind of tough to get out of their individual holders.

But – the sound and picture quality are incredible. I’ve got a fake home theater speaker system – and I rocked the place. I’ve watched about half of Saga – then went back and started watching it again with the commentary by Richard, Dirk and Herb – that’s going to be fun. The comments by Glen Larson and Stu Phillips are excellent, too.

That’s all for tonight. I’ll add more as I watch more, and when the rest of you get yours, add your comments, too.

It is the REAL Battlestar Galactica!!!

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Hummm the real BSG. Maybe Ron can find that in an episode of Adromeda when they blast out the launching tubes.

Adromeda has that too so with one small thing like BSG, why didn't they call it Battlestar Galactica too?

Can't wait for my DVD of the one and only Battlestar Galactica to arrive.

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my set came in today
oh happy day happy day
i am going to start watching
right now
i will post my revew here
i will be usen a pioneer elite 909 dvd player
fed through a faroudja dvp 5000
processor that will bring the image up
to HD standards

the dvp 5000 feeds into a sony 1292 crt projector
the 1292 will be casting its image onto a 6 foot x 8 foot
13 gain curved projection screen from vutec

if the dvd set is a great pressing this gear will
show it in all its glory
if not it will show that to
heres hopeing for the best

after watching the entire dvd set
i intend to burn a new dvd set with
all the missing footage restored

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revew 1
i just watched all the extra footage
most of it was good -very good but i an sorry
to report the missing footage of the cloven hooves
in the counts downed ship is still missing

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