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Default Hi from Stu Phillips

Hi fans of the original BSG. Just thought that I'd say hello and hope that you are all well. For those of you in England... near Birmingham, I will be appearing at The Memorabilia Show & Convention on Aug. 13-14th. It's at the NEC Center. Drop by and say hello. I'll be happy to autograph any old Stu Phillips records you might have.

Stu Phillips
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Eric Paddon
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Stu, thanks for dropping in to wish us all well and we do likewise to you! I've also seen you take time to do this at other places like Film Score Monthly (BTW everyone, Stu's scores for Knight Rider are now available for purchase going through www.filmscoremonthly.com) and it's always nice to see that kind of connection with the fan base.
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Hi Stu!

I'll be adding your link to CF here shortly, as well as adding it to Dirk's and Laurette's websites (if I haven't already..... been VERY busy lately).
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So cool you dropped by..

Makes me wish I was in England for the summer convention season.


One day, soon, when I stop changing jobs and losing all my accrued leave.

Cheers, and respect,
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Hey welcome Stu. I cannot make it to the Con so I hope you have a great time and have some fun.

I love the music you scored for BSG and the sence of grandeur of another Civilisation
when I first heard it I knew I was on a splendid Journey that I am still on.

welcome again and I hope you will spend time here
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Hi Stu
Welcome and I am sure you will have a wonderful time at the con Wish I could go.
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What an honor it is to have you stop by and say hi to our little corner of the universe!

I hope you enjoy your time here at Colonial Fleets.

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Stu -

It's nice to see you drop by. I loved reading your book....!

I took the liberty of fixing the color and fonts you were trying to use in your post....

Best always,
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WOW!!!!!! Woo Hoo. Welcome aboard Stu.

Paul aka kingfish and administrator of Battlestar Pacifica.
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Greetings to one of my favorite composers!

I hope you have time to look around and have some fun here, Stu.

I am
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peter noble
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Hi Stu,

Welcome, and I'll be seeing you at Memoribilia, God willing.

All the best,

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Nice to hear from you sir.
I hope you have fun at the convention. Keep us posted on future appearances.
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Spike The Cylon
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Hello Stu,

Great job on the score to BSG. It's one of my all time favorite scores. For me, it ranks right up there with John Williams.


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Hi Stu, I loved your work on Battlestar. Welcome to Colonial Fleets!
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I have alot of your work I would love to get signed. Unfortunately I don't have time to travel to england.
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Default music by stu in surf party

Okay, folks, I am not making this up...
I was garage saling in Kentucky and in one small town I found an old VHS entitled "Surf Party." It was a documentary, I believe from 1969, about three surfers traveling around the world. It was released by Prism Entertainment in 1989. The music was composed by Stu Phillips and the songs were sung by Dino, Desi & Billy.
The music reminded me of two vastly different shows: the soundtrack to Chariots of the Gods? and the incidental background music of The Partridge Family. Neither show existed yet in 1969. In other words, it was very mellow music, and at times surreal.
As for the movie itself, well, one thing that surprised me was that one of the surfers was a girl. Girl surfers in documentaries are unusual even today, and were almost non-existent in the 1960s. I did like the movie, in fact, I thought it was a little better done than Endless Summer, which always seemed a little arrogant to me.
So my comments are:
1. This movie isn't listed in the IMDB (there's a Surf Party listed there, but it wasn't this), and isn't in Stu's credits, so I think they should be.
2. I bet in a million years you never expected to see the names Stu Phillips; Dino, Desi & Billy; Chariots of the Gods?; and The Partridge Family in the same post!
3. How on earth did a surf documentary VHS end up at a garage sale at a little town in Kentucky?!

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Hello Mr Phillips! I'm a huge sci fi/fantasy and BSG fan! I'm also a huge fan of music and am a musician songwriter myself! Your BSG thems score is just as memorable, unique and resounding as John Williams' STAR WARS theme score. I am one of those fans who does not recognize Sci Fi Channel's new show as sanctioned BSG in any way, shape of form. SFC's BSG's music and score doesn't hold a candle to your genius work. I can't even remember or hum one bar of it for that matter. Anyways! You are very appreciated!
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Mr. Phillips,

I can't even tell you how amazing your work is! The Battlestar theme is the greatest theme for any show any movie EVER!

You have contributed greatly the "soundtrack" of my life and for that: THANK YOU!!!
When Commander Adama sees these, he's gonna go crazy!

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