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peter noble
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Default "Well I'm not the kind to kiss and tell.."

LA TIMES EXCLUSIVE: Fans of 1980s action series (and Hollywood stuntmen), take heed. "The Fall Guy" is coming for you.Hollywood uber-producer Walter Parkes and DreamWorks are working on a reboot of the 1980s action hit "The Fall Guy," say sources. It's early development, but look for a writer to come on board soon and devise a way to bring the action hero to the big screen.

"The Fall Guy," which was created by action maven Glen A. Larson and starred Lee Majors, aired from 1981 to 1986 on ABC. Fans of classic action shows — and those of us who grew up on '80s TV — will remember the conceit: Majors played Colt Seavers, a Hollywood stuntman by day and bounty hunter by night. He often incorporated his stunts into his bounty-hunting, flying vehicles (his trademark large pickup especially) over large objects, jumping from impossibly high angles and doing other things '80s heroes did to nab the people they were chasing. Heather Thomas co-starred and often got into trouble with him.

Action series from the 1980s have been coming in waves to the movie world: "The Dukes of Hazard" hit six years ago, "The A-Team" just hit, "The Equalizer" is being developed for Russell Crowe as a possible starring vehicle, and MacGyver (the real one, not the satire) is moving forward apace. The producers of "Hardcastle & McCormick" must be chomping at the bit.

"Battlestar Galactica will never happen again the way that it was." – Laurette Spang
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Default Re: "Well I'm not the kind to kiss and tell.."

will it ever end. I really hope hollywood goes belly up. even if I like a show Id love to see five decent new shows for every one they remake.

from this trend im guessing either they have no talented screen writers anymore. or they arent willing to take a chance on some thing new and different. either way it sucks. heck theyve even redone late 30's and early fortys movies and claimed them as originals. LOL. but eightys shows. what next the bionic man vs Big foot and the aliens remake. sigh....

oh for something new.. Id give my kingdo... my ex wife for a new movie.
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Default lack of originality

I'm addicted to movies. I've been going an average of every seven to 10 days for the past five years.
In July....
I've noticed that July is the worst month for movies. For the past five years, every new movie at the multiplex, and the majority of leftover ones at the second-run cinemas, are one of the following:
A remake
A sequel
Based on a TV show
Based on a comic book
I don't care how "great" they are, I ain't going.
Thank heavens that there are two art theaters in town. That's where I spend July at the movies.

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Default Re: "Well I'm not the kind to kiss and tell.."


Somebody tell me that they are not doing this CRAP!
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Default Re: "Well I'm not the kind to kiss and tell.."

They are.
We are doomed
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