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Question Ship Origins?

I've been looking at many of the ship schematics here at Colonial Fleet, and I've had a frakking good time inspecting these fine works of art. A question arrives in my mind however, about the ships. What I mean exactly is, who thought of them up? I know Todd Boyce invented the Defender and many others like the Protector and the Ranger, but who thought up of the Python and Cobra fighter? Or the Kiowa. Pilot Psykopomp requesting backup and information forwarding.
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Cobra version 2 is purely mine.

The version 1 was designed by a friend then modeled by another friend and modified by me.

The Python is a re-worked model of a friend of mine (it wasn't called anything... I named it the Python ) Kiowa is another of Todd's designs.
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You know, it sure would be cool if we could get to see the Cobra in action in a fan film for Earnie's site.
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Actually Darrell the Kiowa was inspired from an idea from Brandon Bray and I took it to the next step and made it into a larger version. There are 2 versions but the latest has the side pods
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if you would like to see/play/fight with several of these ships go to:


bad news is you have to buy Starfleet Battles II. good news is you can generally get it on the cheap at e-bay.
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