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Originally Posted by Rowan
Thats nice but where are the DETAILS!!! did you like it ? was it well written? Do you recomend it? inquiring minds want to know!!! Shesh!!
It's not bad, even though it did ignore some details that were laid out in the movie.
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Originally Posted by Gemini1999
What am I reading, eh?

Well, I don't read as much science fiction as I used to, but I was browsing the new paperbacks at Border Books. I found a new Trek book called "Ex Machina"

I stopped reading Trek fiction a long time ago, but when I read the premise on the back, it intrigued me. The story starts almost immediately after the events of "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" and their encounter with V'ger. It also involves the people of the world ship Yonada from the TOS episode "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky".

It's been an slow, but interesting read so far - one interesting aspect of the book is the exploration of some of the newer crew members of the refitted Enterprise and their feelings regarding the "death" of Will Decker at the end of TMP.

I like the fact that someone is exploring the years between TMP and "Wrath of Khan" for a change...


I have never heard of that one , is it new? I like the story idea, the kirk spock era
it the one i still like reading. I will keep my eye open for a copie.
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Originally Posted by Rowan
Alaric have you read "Chapterhouse: Dune " yet?
I'm on Heretics of Dune (The book I left in my dorm). I've heard
Chapterhouse is the best one, but I've gotta go in order, after all.
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Originally Posted by Alaric
I'm on Heretics of Dune (The book I left in my dorm). I've heard
Chapterhouse is the best one, but I've gotta go in order, after all.
LOL yes by all means go in oder I was just going to recomend Chapterhouse I loved it. I found it recaptured the elements I loved in the first book Dune.
That's a shame you left the book in the dorm that would drive me insane to be without a book I had started
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