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Default SATIRE: September 2002 Q&A with Ronald D. Moore (#1)

September 2002 Q&A with Ronald D. Moore (#1)

Do you plan on using any story lines from the old series?

Possibly. We’re obviously using the story from “Saga of a Star World” to launch the series, after that, I intend to use storylines from the A-team and a Brazillian sitcom called “Checoix” which I saw in Peru.

Mr. Moore, do you understand why fans are passionate about this show? Not screaming for the original actors but what they really really REALLY loved about it? Are you building a reason in your script for fans to fall in love with your version? What is that magical element or elements? Explain and expand.

Bite me.

When does the new mini-series start production and when can we expect to see it on TV?

The nightmare –I mean the miniseries is set for a December air date.

Mr. Moore, are there going to be vipers in your idea of galactica? if not why.

There will indeed be Vipers in addition to new Colonial fighter craft. I also as added feature for the fans include the USS ENTERPRISE and of course a few Monster Trucks.

2. how much budget has sci-fi given you to produce this project?

They don’t like us to give out actual numbers, but suffice it to say that it’s well into the 8 figure range, mainly plenty of zeroes.

3. do you think you can have a quality production within this budget?

Yes. If not I’m gonna blow whatever money is left over on this stripper chick I met on the Vancouver set of “Sex Kittens from Uranus.”

4. if the budget is not large enough to produce a mini series worthy the name of battlestar galactica why go forward?
Beats me. Ask SCI-FI Channel. They throw money around like it was going out of style. Just last week I saw Bonnie Hammer with a solid gold shoe polisher.

5. what will be the plot line? what/who are going to be the focus of the new mini series?

The story will follow the basic contours of the original pilot, after that, we’re going to sans the Ovion plotline. Thus, it will focus on setting up the characters and the Colonial world, then telling the story of the Cylon attack, and finally the escape of Galactica and the rag-tag fleet.

And after that plenty of hard core nudity.

6. What does Mr. Moore hope to accomplish with this reimagining?

I hope to make a good show. That’s the only thing I care about. The filmed product. I want it to be something I’m proud of and something that an audience can embrace. If not they can go F@#& themselves.

7. What is the benefit that makes this approach preferrable to the continuation that most fans support? What advantages does the reimagining have over a continuation?

In my view, remaking Galactica provides an opportunity to explore the entire Galactica universe with a fresh approach,(for example we’ll have stories where our intrepid heroes visit such planets as The Planet of the Apes, Forbidden Planet and Planet Hollywood just to name a few.
And as long as we’re on the subject (the subject everyone wants to talk about) let me talk briefly about I came to this project and how I’ve approached it.

In the beginning, I was told the Singer/DeSantos project was being shelved and I was asked whether or not I was interested in coming up with a new take for a Galactica series. I said yes but only if I could have an all midget cast. They said no. Then I said how about a musical version of Galactica? They said no to that too. Then I said I “listen, what the hell do you people want from me?” And they said give us something dramatic that is deeply moving. I thought about it and figured it was just enough of a crazy idea that it might work so I said “what the hell.”

8. Mr. Moore, Will the new show focus on characters of all ages or younger actors and actresses?

The characters run the gamut of ages from Adama to Boxey, but I’d say the median age range is probably 30s. We have an embryo at three weeks which will be making a cameo.

9. Will there be space battles similar to what was portrayed in the original series? If not, why?

There will definitely be space battles, but part of the challenge of this project was how to do a dogfight and not have it just look like the same old thing yet again. We have come up with a new approach to filming the space battles, but you don’t really expect me to give it away now, do you? Ok, I’ll give it away! Hand held cameras! Just like MTV! Wow! Bango! Zippy-do! Didn’t see that coming did ya!? I’m also going to run plenty of Metallica during the destruction of the Colonies! Take that John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith!

10. How much of the 'look' of the original series will be incorporated into the new series? Meaning, would the casual fan be able to make the connection that they were watching an updated version of Galactica?

There will be definite design elements which harken back to the original show, first and foremost among them the design of Galactica herself which I consider something of a classic and have no desire to screw around with. But the reality is Star Trek sells so you can expect to see some kick ass colonial “starships.”

11. Has the sudden cancelation of Farscape changed the way you are approaching Galactica? Meaning, do you now feel pressure to create a show that appeals to a mainstream audience, as opposed to science fiction fans in general?

It hasn’t had much affect on what I’m doing at this point. After all, this miniseries is going to tank on such a profound level it will be felt around the world.

12. What specific themes from the original series will be incorporated into the new production?

The destruction of an entire civilization through a surprise attack, the escape of a rag-tag fleet, Wally telling Beaver his Father’s day present isn’t as good as his, the family relationships and friendships at the center of it, the menace provided by the Cylons and IRS and the human story of people banding together to survive and search for a shining planet called Earth.

13. There is concern from fandom that the new series will focus too intently on the love lives of the new cast. Can you comment on this?

It’s not all about love lives or sex. Certainly the original had romance and a dash of sex and we’re not going to shy away from that element, but it’s not the central focus. The central focus will be the size of the Battlestar Galactica. She’s huge and needs a huge crew to get her engines running NICE AND HOT!

14. You mentioned that your version of Galactica would be grittier and more down to Earth than what we are used to seeing in contemporary science fiction programming. Can you expand upon what you mean by this? Also, Is this a creative or financial decision?

As I said above, this was a creative decision. Essentially I’m looking for a more grounded, more realistic presentation of science fiction than traditionally presented in the “space opera” format. Taking the opera out of space opera would be another way of putting it. I’m looking to give you more human characters and more realistic stories which take place in a fantastic setting. Like Madonna’s “Swept Away” or Mariah Carrey’s “Glitter”.

15. Many fans find it hard to imagine Galactica without the original theme music. Your statements in the press seem to indicate that you do not prefer this type of orchestral music. What type of theme music are you planning?

We’re a ways from post-production, so my thinking here is still preliminary. I do think it’s time to move past the usual orchestral score and try something different. An all Kazoo and wooden flute New Orleans band will be used.

16.Why are you trying to kill the goose that layed the golden egg? A continuation of BSG with a mix of the old and new cast is a sure winner. Why can't you and TPTB see that?

If I thought that was the case, I obviously wouldn’t be doing it. A continuation is far from a slamdunk recipe for success. I mean, shall we talk about a little show called “Galactica: 1980”? It had a mix of old and new cast members, the exact same costumes, design, theme music, etc. and it stank. Fans sometimes want to pretend it didn’t happen or that it doesn’t count somehow, but the truth is that “1980” was a continuation and it failed. What about STAR TREK: THE WRATH OF KHAN or ALIENS? Those sequels were just a mess. Don’t talk to me about sequels because I’ve seen them all.

17.Will the ships and fighters and what not be CGI or will you be using any models? If Models, will you try to get the Original Battlestar Galactica model for filming?

The CGI vs. models debate has only just begun, but the economics are such that I’d be surprised if we didn’t go the CGI route. Although paper planes are where I’m personally leaning towards.

18. Are you lying to us, Mister Moore? NOTHING is going on with your production! Prove to us there is current movement or move on! We need some proof that you really filming & doing this miniseries.

Well, I suppose I could invite you all over to my office to watch me write, but I don’t have enough chairs... I also have to worry that you’ll see me downloading internet porn on my computer (which takes up 12 of my 15 hr day).
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Swept Away-The Motion Picture
"The Human Adventure is Just Beginning"

Glitter-The Next Generation
"The OLD show was SSSSOo Cheesy"

Saul Zaentz presents

A Milos Forman picture,




EXT. Hospital-Day

The falling snow covers the courtyard of an impressive 16th century CAPRICAN redbrick structure. A lone figure walks it's feintly showing path towards the buildings massive doors.

INT. Hosptial-Day

Dozens of inmates crawl and prance throughout the halls,ushered by the custodians like a mad ballet. The cacophony of haunting human voices is cut through by the by the sound of a more mournful artificial harmonic. That of Music.

INT. Hospital-Day

A MAN with a iron collar is chained to a wall. eyes bulging, he repeately cries to himself.

Re-Make, Re-Make, heh eh heh heh Re-Make, Must impress the Sci-Fi Channel,...Re-Make

INT. Hospital-Day

A WOMAN with dirty blond, matted hair,sits on a pile of hay. GOLD coins fall from her filled purse, she counts and recounts the the variously sized legal tender.

YOU're SCI -PHILES!! You ARE YOUNG-MARVELS!!! And youooooARE, my little pretty,.....are, are, YOU ARE ALL MIIIINE!!

INT. Hospital-Day

The KOBOLIAN-PRIEST makes his way from the outside bitter cold and shugs off some snow, a thin custodian takes his dark coat and head piece. The priest turns to see Inmate#1 and stares in disbelief. Blinking out of his trance the priest give the poorsoul a half hearted sign of the holy father,then walks on towards the continuing music.

INT. Hospital-Cubiculum

A lone yet eloquently dressed man plays at a piano, his impassioned face reacting to each key pressed as if the ivorycarved slabs were reminding him of painful past images.
The priest enters the room and notices the preoccupied man. He quickly pulls up a chair and positions himself facing the musician.

The man stops playing the piano on a sournote,prehaps a last intencely personal image that has shaken him from his fantasy and back to reality. He notices the Preist.

Leave me alone.

I can not leave alone a soul in pain.

Do you know who I am?

That does not matter. We are all equal in ALL OF THE GODS eyes.


Please my son, offer me your confession give yourself some peace.

How well are you versed in Colonial Compositions?

I know a little. I studied it in my youth.

AH! Where?

Here on CAPRICA.

Ahhhhh! Then you must know this?

Baltar shuffels across the pianokeys playing some isolated counterpoint from far remembered score.

I regret that it is not to familiar.

It was a very popular tune in its day before the destruction of the Hasare's. I wrote it. Here, this one brought down the space dome on Aquarius.

Again Baltar pulls a ancient tune from a dark electric impulse at the back of his mind, and sloppily extracts it from the piano. After reliving the glorious moment in his memory he turns toward the priest. The priest is embarrassed and sadened. Baltar has a flash of insight, and brightens up a tad.

HERE,...How about this one.

Baltars hands crosses the Keys once again and produces a tune of gaeity and of youth. The Priest reacts positively and begins to hum along with the melody.

YES! Oh yes, I know that one. I'm sorry I didn't know you wrote that.

I didn't. That was HIM. THat was Mozart,...Wolfgang, ADAMADEUS,Mozart.

The man you accuse yourself of killing?

You heard that?

Baltar give off a long shallow sigh.

My GODs man if you have something to confess, do it now.

He,....HE was,..... my IDOL. There wasn't a time when I didn't know his name. ADAMADEUS. He was playing for Kings, and Emperors, and the Council of Twelve, while I was still playing childish pranks.


Wak: Yeah, and we didn't get to show you the secrets of the universe. ~ Explorers
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“ADAMADEUS” part 2

INT. Presidium-Day
SUPER: Several yaharns before the destruction of the planet Hasare.

A young Baltar and a large group of dignitary’s fuss and chatter about, the room they stand in has ornate walls, ceilings, and carpets. Truly a hall fit for a Lord of Kobol.

A smallish man enters the room, flanked by two guards.

So. What have you for me today?


Yes? What about him?

He’s here.

AH! Well, There it is! Great!

Your Presidentship, I hope you don’t find it out of ordinary, but I’ve written a little march of welcome for him in your honor.

Really? May I see it?

Of course your Presidentship. It’s just s trifle of course.

Baltar hands the President a rolled up sheet, which has a modest red ribbon, tied to the middle. The President unrolls the sheet and reads the musical phrases written therein.

May I play it for him when he comes in?

Baltar looks nervous at first, but quickly hides his expression.

Your Presidentship, you do me too much honor.

Let’s have some fun shall we.

Adar walks towards one corner of the sumptuous room where a Ravolshol Grand Piano rests. He sits on the seat and stretches his arms and fingers and even loosens his wrists in semi-circle arcs. He takes a breath, and then starts to play the opening of the march in a clunky non-melodic way.

Oh! How delightful court composer Baltar!

Baltar sighs and bows in mock embarrassment, but truly accepting his compliment. The Politicians seem pleased with themselves and bask in the happiness of the President.

OK, bring him in. SLOWLY! Slowly, I need a minute to practice.

The President lets off a gleeful giggle in which the politicians imitate.

As President Adar begins playing, Wolfgang ADAMADEUS Mozart enters the room. He energetically walks up to the group of gentlemen and bows before them. The Presidents Aid gestures to Adamadeus, then points to the President playing at the piano. Adamadeus turns and looks at Adar as he finishes his horrendous rendition of the march.

BRAVO Your Presidentship!

The crowd of men begins to clap with vigor, with the exception of Adamadeus.

Please, please less enthusiasm I beg of you, please. AH! Adamadeus.

Your Presidenship!

Adamadeus kisses the golden ring on Adar’s finger.

Oh no, please. It’s a not a true Kobollian Blood holy relic.

The President let’s off a soft chuckle, imitated again by the political posse. Adamadeus Bursts fourth with an obnoxious laugh cry that shocks the room silent.

Adamadeus I’d like to introduce you to our ruling council of Caprica-City. This is our Director of our Opera, Sir Uri.

Oh it’s a pleasure to meet you, I have just found the most wonderful Libretto.

Oh! Have I heard it?

Umm, I don’t think so Herr Directory; I mean it’s quite new. Of course I’ll show it to you immediately.

I think you have better.

And this is Count Iblis.

I am a great admirer of yours young man.

And this is out illustrious court composer, Baltar.

Ah Adamadeus, such immense joy.

Oh the pleasure is mine, ALL MINE. You know I actually composed a melody based on one of your works.

Oh! Really? Which one?

Axur, Finale. Ambrosian Chorus.

OH! I’m Flattered.

A funny little tune. But it yielded some good things.

The insult is frozen on Baltars smile.

And now our court composer has returned the favor.

Adar hands Baltar’s music sheet to him.

Keep it your presidentship. I have it all up in here in my head.

Adamadeus points to his temple.

From only one hearing?

I, Think so your Presidentship.

Show us.

Adamadeus pauses a moment to think of the melody, he sits at the piano, and starts to tickle the piano keys getting the right sound. Adamadeus plays through the entire first movement. He repeats the final part twice.

That doesn’t quite work does it?

Baltar is frozen again, this time mouth agape. Adamadeus runs through variations based on Baltars melody, making each try more intricate and more dramatic. Baltar is deflated.

Did you try this, NO! THIS! Yes this is better. What you think? Better?

The Colonial Composer extraordinaire extracts a sound from the piano, filling all ears with the sweetest music they have heard in years. Poor Baltar looks on with longing, desire, and jealously. Adamadeus giggles and chuckles as he builds and expands the score to something angelic, pure and godlike. It finally crescendo’s to a heart-beating finale. Adamadeus looks up to Baltar with anticipation and lets off peals of hysterical laughter.

INT. Hospital-Day

LAUGH! Laugh signore laugh. Show my mediocrity, for ALL to see.

INT. Stately Room

A downtrodden Baltar removes his Kobollian Crucifix off the wall, and slowly places it in a roaring fireplace. The yellow and orange flames greedily accept the trophy. Wood splits and sounds of cracks fill the silent room.

From now on we are enimies, you and I. Since the GODS choose for their instrument this boastful, slutty infantile boy, I shall block you all. And I shall harm and hinder your creations as far as I am able.

INT. Hospital-Cubiculum-Day

One day I shall laugh at you.

Baltar bellows a quick puff of air at a candle bra, which extinguishes the middle candle. The other two continue their lazy burning dance unaffected by Baltars precise judgment.


Wak: Yeah, and we didn't get to show you the secrets of the universe. ~ Explorers

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