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Bootlegger 137
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Wink Greetings Colonial Fleet

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to make a brief introduction. I am very pleased to have found such a great site. I've been a fan of the original series since it first aired yahrens ago.

I recently started watching the complete series on Netflix and it got me charged up again. How I loved this show.

My wife loves the new series but I can forgive her for that. We crash landed in Florida and have made our permanent base camp here.

We have finally completed a new media room and I'm going to start adding some BSG props to it (as my wife rolls her eyes).

I'm very glad to be here and looking forward to reading / sharing content; as well as meeting everyone!!!

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Default Re: Greetings Colonial Fleet

Welcome, Bootlegger 137!!

Great to have you on board!! Although, I'm a bit biased, you're right when you say it's a great site and that is a testament to the people who make up our membership.

This site had its roots as an artists' website and, to that end, we've devoted a great deal of time in building our Gallery. Be sure to check it out. The artwork there is stunning!!

As we grew, we branched out to other forms of "artistry", that of the written word, and opened a Colonial Library to house the wonderful TOS-based stories told by our members. Some great stories are on the shelves there!

Be sure to check out the Collectibles as well, if you fancy a trip down memory lane and also the games in the Galactica Cafe!

But, before you do that, have a cold one, compliments of the house --


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Your sweet and weary head
The night is falling
You have come to journey's end
Sleep now
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Default Re: Greetings Colonial Fleet

Welcome aboard Bootlegger 137!
Crash landing in Florida is one thing, but don't let the Squadron Commander catch you even so much as smudging the Landing Deck.

Seriously, Fleets is a great place. There have been times when I've had a horrible day and the people here boosted my spirits, lifted me up. As BST said, it's the people. Get to know the place and you will see what we mean.

I hope to converse with you around the Fleet. If you have questions, don't hesitate to send up a beacon.
Oh, and have one on me...

Best to you.
With Respects,


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Default Re: Greetings Colonial Fleet

Welcome aboard Bootlegger!
Now where have I heard that name before??/

i can attest to the same as the boys have stated about this place.

I always feel it's my home on the internet and there's always a warm and friendly light left on in the landing bay for tired and weary warriors returning from a long patrol.
A great place to meet new friends who share the same enthusiasm for one of the greatest shows on earth!
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Default Re: Greetings Colonial Fleet

Welcome aboard .....
Formally Taranis
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Default Re: Greetings Colonial Fleet


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Default Re: Greetings Colonial Fleet

Welcome Bootlegger. This place is as comfortable as Cabo San Lucas on a warm Friday night.

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