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Default Screening The Lost Planet of the Gods

Firstly no drop in attendance and the new guy in my office showed up, “I used to draw the ships when I was kid” he said. His last name is Milton…I call him Mike.

Some quotes over heard from the audience.

“Oh snap, this was made in 1978”, said while reading the episode description at the start of part two.

“That Lorne Greene was never a good shot…remember Bonanza”, after Serina is shot and everybody blasts the Cylons.

I really like the bulk of this episode better than Saga. After watching the two episodes thus far I began to wonder why Star Wars “aged” better. The short of it, more sophisticated writing and acting. The reference is to the acting mostly being done by secondary characters like the nervous “black shirt” around Tigh. LPOTG does suffer from the cheese, a term I despise when people are addressing the TOS. The cheese being the Mini-Series feel. Those who remember the mini-series was synonymous with night time soap opera and Jane Seymour was the romance mini-series queen. The over the top kisses with her and Hatch is hard to watch.

The female fighter jocks, twenty five years latter and serving with the real life types makes part of this episode hard to watch. If they had only played the “old time warriors with various disabilities…” more; heck at all. Just two or three real old walking dead types and a pimply kid in the background could have worked.

What could have been done as to not see stars when the vipers kicked in the turbos in the void?

Two-Brain, yeah dig those tactical circus tents the Colonial military uses

Great moments I’m sure everybody enjoyed.

Starbuck on the basestar.

Tigh showing his difference in opinion with Adama in that great conversation the two had in the commanders quarters…I must have this thing for Adama all my favorite scenes are in his quarters.

Baltar and Lucifer’s conversations as the episode plays out, “isn’t he wonderfully devious, we can learn much from him”, “this is your plan convince the humans you come bearing the twig of peace”?

Exploring “Eden”

“the Viper is flown from the seated position sir”

And of course my favorite FX shot, why did they not use this one more often…the profile of the Viper squadron flying through space must be a hundred of them.

I’m surprised not many stuck around for the deleted scenes.

Next week The Lost Warrior and The long Patrol.
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