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Thumbs up Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow!

I am really looking forward to the release of this movie! If you are a fan of movie serials, this movie is for you. If you love the romance of aviation, this movie is for you. If you enjoy alternative history, this movie if for you. If you love the Fleiser Superman cartoons of the 1940s, this film is for you. If you want to be carried away on a great adventure, this movie is for you.
That said, I must confess that I am a bit heartsick. It just goes to show you that you shouldn't put off your dreams. You see, for years now, I have been sitting on a concept for a movie very similar to "Sky Captain." I called it my giant airplane movie. It had Giant Flying Wings, Flying aircraft carriers with squadrons of Retro-futuristic fighter craft, and rocket-pack clad fighting men grappling in the clouds. I said to myself that it would be Star Wars using Indiana Jones technology. I wanted it to capture the sense of innocent wonder that early aviation had. I also wanted to harken back to the uncomplicated pop culture of the 1930s and 40s.
Time passed and I did not do anything with it. A warning flare went up when the role-playing game "Crimson Skys" was released. It too was very similar to my idea but it was not a movie. This should have lit a fire underneath me, but I still didn't do anything. Day to day life kept getting in the way.
Most limitations however are self-imposed. I thought that the concept was too corny for people in the 21st century. Young people today want something like "The Matrix" not a relic from a less complicated age. Additionally, I didn't have faith that I could write a script, present it to the suits in Hollywood and have it produced.
Well, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow proves that my idea was viable. The guy who made this movie (this is his first film by the way)made his dreams come true. If I write my story now it will only seem to be a copy of Sky Captain. I guess I will have to chalk this up as a valuable life lesson. The take home messege? Follow you dreams today. There is no such thing as tomorrow. Have faith in yourself. Your ideas are just as valid as anyone elses.
I hope that "Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow" is a big hit. I will certainly be one of the first people to see it when it comes out.

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Well, "Sky Captain" came out and it was a flop at the box office. I told my Wife about this and she said, "Do you know why it flopped? It's because you didn't write it!"

I love that woman!

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Eric Paddon
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I found it an entertaining diversion with my only quibble being that the actors didn't enunciate loudly enough (this alas is a problem that seems to be epidemic today where actors tend to mumble their lines) and the use of the term "World War I" in 1939.

Great music score.
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