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Thumbs up Article on July 17th Chat with Richard Hatch


I just posted an article about the Richard "Apollo" Hatch on July 17th, 2003. Enjoy!




* * *

Richard "Apollo" Hatch Chat 07/17/03

Article by Nathan Proia

The online chat with Richard "Apollo" Hatch on July 17th, 2003 was about 1 hour and 30 minutes in length, and about 40 people attended. Several items of interest were discussed:

1) Richard confirmed that Battlestar Galactica creator Glen A. Larson is not at all pleased with the new mini-series.

2) Richard stated that the book publisher actually chooses the co-author of each of his novels. Richard writes a detailed outline and treatment for each novel, then works with the co-writer to go over the story. The co-writers are often chosen at the last minute, then the publisher wants the book written very quickly. Richard's difficulty is not having enough time to write the second and third drafts of the novels. Sometimes the publisher prints the rough draft, which really upsets Richard.

3) Richard stated that he would not take a cameo in the new Battlestar Galactica for all the money in the world. The new mini-series is an insult to both him, Dirk Benedict, and the rest of the cast and dedicated fans in the world.

4) Richard's upcoming original project, The Great War of Magellan, is very different from Battlestar Galactica, but similar in tone, spirit, and the ultimate exploration of the mysteries of life.

5) Richard has seen everything that Tom DeSanto was doing with his own concept of Battlestar Galactica. Richard stated that Tom DeSanto is quite a visionary. Richard loved Tom's designs and overall concept for his version. Richard could not believe that Bonnie Hammer went around Tom DeSanto to do their own version of this underrated show. Richard liked Tom's vision, but would still have liked to bring back the core team of Battlestar Galactica and more of the original characters than Tom.

6) Richard mentioned that it wasn't just himself that raised the interest of this show. It was the many fans working with him that made Universal Studios interested in bringing it back.

7) Richard has no problem with Colonel Tigh being a Commander. Richard just thought at this juncture that he would be President of the Council. But in Richard's novels, Tigh shares the bridge with Apollo and Athena. Richard really likes Terry Carter and the amazing quality that he has around him. If there were a continuation of Battlestar Galactica, Richard would not object to still being just a Wing Commander.

8) And the question that all fans would like answered: Where is Maren Jensen who played Athena? Richard stated that she's still the big mystery, and that he is trying to find her.

9) Richard confirmed that he has a new novel in the works, entitled "Battlestar Galactica: Destiny"!

10) What is Richard's future in the Battlestar Galactica revival effort? Richard stated: "I will always believe in Battlestar Galactica and support this show but at this time I'm beginning to put all my energy and money into The Great War of Magellan. I'm not pulling away from Battlestar Galactica. There's nothing I can do at this point. I'm a fan like you guys but they own it. The truth is they will listen to you before they will listen to an actor. I will never stop working for this show but at this point I have to use my money for something that I can actually do. They say they don't listen but in truth they do. If the fans would really stand up together and speak in one voice they would have to listen. They don't want to fail! Right now they're really scared that they may have blown it! I love the Battlestar Galactica story. It breaks my heart to not be able to do anything at this point. But the truth is you guys can do something. They are listening to you! Speak loud and clear! I don't understand why they didn't at least extend an olive branch to the fans. They didn't attempt to reach out at all. They just dismiss all of us. I actually had a team make an offer to buy Battlestar Galactica from Universal Studios. They said no! My problem with the new show has nothing to do with the story so much as it has to do with their attitude of dismissing the fans wishes, feedback, and desires. The female Starbuck is a slap in the face. Also if you're going to totally change a story and the characters then call the series by another name. Even Star Trek was smart enough to have spin offs instead of remaking the original. There has always been a way to build a bridge between the past and the future but they didn't even try. That's ego! Ron Moore just wanted to do his own thing. I have no problem with that. Just call the show by another name."

11) In his novels, Richard has tried to project the characters 25 yahrens (years) into the future. Richard stated that the characters can't stay exactly the same, and have to grow and evolve. Cassiopia evolved from Socialator to Doctor. Richard stated that Cassi has grown up, and although Starbuck still loves her he is terrified of committing. Cassi can't wait for ever, and hated to move on, but wants to have a life with someone who can commit to only one woman.

12) Richard likes the basic story and spirit of the upcoming video game. It really captures the spirit of the Battlestar Galactica story. Richard loves the costumes and the dialogue. Richard plays a very similar character to Apollo. His name is Paulus. His two rookie pilots in Blue Squadron are Adama and Cain! Richard also stated that Dirk "Starbuck" Benedict is in the game with him. They both reprise their characters for a few moments.

13) Richard commented that Battlestar Galactica is an amazing story. If the show had one more year, it would have been on for a very long time!

14) Richard deftly sidestepped a question three times with regards to the "Pure Kobollian Blood" plot in his novels. Some fans have taken exception to this plot. Here is what Richard had to say: "Adama has mental powers in the episode War of the Gods. Remember. I didn't make it up or inject in on Apollo. His father had it and so I thought it would be interesting to have Apollo and Athena with some of that as well. I only evolved themes that were already existent in the original story for my novels."

15) Richard is currently co-producing the Battlestar Galactica 25th Anniversary Convention (Galacticon 2003) and finishing the Great War of Magellan trailer. Also, both Richard and Dirk Benedict were offered roles in a movie, entitled "Protectors". Both Richard and Dirk have agreed to do Protectors and the producers are now putting together the financing for the movie. Richard and Dirk have funny roles but the humor comes out of the situation, like the movie "Airplane".

16) Battlestar Galactica CGI artist Titon mentioned that the television shows "Firefly" and "Buffy" were nominated for this year's VFX Emmy today. Most of the Battlestar Galactica mini-series SFX team is made up of them. Congratulations to Zoic Studios!

17) Richard mentioned that Dirk Benedict is a very funny guy, and they had a nice time together working on the Battlestar Galactica DVD set yesterday.

18) Richard commented on the upcoming Galacticon 2003: "Please get the word out about the Battlestar Galactica 25th Anniversary Convention, guys. Universal Studios is watching and this is a great opportunity to show them how many fans are truly out here. Universal is sending a number of their marketing people to this convention. They will be watching. This may be the last major get together for the Battlestar Galactica cast and crew and we want to make this memorable." For more information and to attend, be sure to visit GalacticonEvents.com!

19) What would Richard say to Bonnie Hammer regarding the upcoming mini-series? Richard stated: "I would say that when you want to do something as different from the original as they are doing with the new Battlestar Galactica, then they should either not do it at all, or call it by another name. You don't mess with a classic or with the fans who have supported it for 25 years. It's not honorable! And if you don't really like the show or the story or if you don't understand what the fans love about it then you're not the one who should be bringing it back! Work one something you do like and understand or you will get burned every time! Bonnie is probably a nice person but the wrong person to be running the Sci-Fi Channel! She doesn't understand science fiction or what the fans want to see. I don't understand why they made her the head of this channel. I think Ron Moore is talented, but he wants in his mind to fix all the problems he sees with science fiction and unfortunately he's using a classic to do his experimenting on. I will never understand why they're doing what they're doing. There are many ways to go with Battlestar Galactica but I just can't believe that they are going down this direction."

20) Richard stated that a possible Battlestar Galactica movie by Glen A. Larson and Tom DeSanto may be in the very beginning stages, but nothing is set or worked out. Richard mentioned that they can't do anything at this point until the new series is finished, as far as he knows.

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Thumbs up Article on July 17th Chat with Richard Hatch


21) Richard reported that Universal Studios is really banking on the new series taking off. The people at the Home Video and DVD Department at Universal were very supportive of the original show.

22) Will Richard Hatch be watching the mini-series? "I think everyone should make up their own mind about it. I hate to see anything fail. I can't watch it myself because it will be too painful. I sincerely hope they wake up and realize that they have to reach out to you guys if they truly want to succeed. I'm truly angry because of the attitude of the new Battlestar Galactica producers and crew. They seemed to think that none of the fans count. They think they will garner all new fans and that's all they need. Wrong!!! I think the new show is more about doing your own thing and showing how talented you are than honoring the original vision and fans of the show."

23) The final question asked: What was Richard's favorite episodes? "The pilot episode, and The Hand of God."

A transcript of the chat will be available for viewing at BattlestarGalactica.com, and while reading, be sure to smack participant HitoSama upside the head:

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Default Video game...

In the chat, this was reported:

"Richard also stated that Dirk "Starbuck" Benedict is in the game with him. They both reprise their characters for a few moments."

My question, if the game takes place 40 yahrens before the events in the series, how in the world can you have Apollo and Starbuck? Aren't they both younger than 40 in the show???
When Commander Adama sees these, he's gonna go crazy!

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Richard is a true gentleman. There are always possibilities like Kirk said. It is far from over.
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He is in deed. We are very lucky to have him on our side.
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Richard Hatch

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Great, now the entire Galactica world knows that I, *ahem*, work too much....
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Mr. Hatch seems like a very reasonalble, insightful person. And he has good ideas about the directions BG could advance. So why can he get it and TPTB are so clueless?
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