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Default Local band I just found: for prog rock lovers

Unitopia http://www.unitopiamusic.com
being a big fan of Alan Parsons & of Peter Gabriel, I was skeptical to be told these guys were in the same vein. Then I listened to their stuff and went omg this isn't just a tribute rejig (excuse the AP pun) but they get it and have gone on with it!
"Still Here" is like a missing track from a PG album.
The nods and references to APP are all through. There's flashes of Pink Floyd, moments of social sarcasm and of hope.
If you have Parsons last album, A Valid Path, you can hear in his update of Dream the same logical direction these guys have gone in their take on it, More than a dream. Just shows a reinterpretation doesn't have to be disrespectful to the source material.

The single 321 is pretty good, too. It came with Ride as a bonus EP with my "more than a Dream" purchase.. Can't get it as an itunes track, (unlike the album tracks) nor on their free mp3 samples (pity..its catchy...)

Three hundred and twenty-one hours, locked inside the earth

Three hundred and twenty-one hours, before we’d see the sun again

Three hundred and twenty-one hours, every minute lasts a lifetime

Three hundred and twenty-one hours…..

They are local to me, and I hope to see them live this year when they put their second album out.
You lie down with genius and you get up with an album that deserves to be heard..

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Default Re: Local band I just found: for prog rock lovers

Curiosity itches. Now I have to scratch it.


Best wishes;


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