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Default Official Thread: Galacticon III Announcements

I posted this over at the Battlestar Galactica Club and I will post it here too...

Here is a message from Shawn O'Connell from Battlestar Galactica Fan Club:

A message to all members of Battlestar Fanclub

Fellow Colonials!

First of all I want to say hello to all our new members who signed up in New Orleans, Dallas & Seattle!

For all those that missed the email your signup up is your email address & the password battlestar.

(Your email address remains confidential)...so it's as easy as that & then you can get into your account and start decorating!

You can also change information (such as your password) at will.

That aside, we have some very IMPORTANT news to bring you regards Emissaries: Galacticon III the 35th anniversary original series & 10th anniversary of the reimagined series Convention to be held in Houston Texas in May of 2013.

We know a lot of questions have been asked about that...well, I'm pleased to announce that within the next week or so, we will launch the website for the event with our first guests announced (there will be more!), but I think you'll be duly impressed.

We are excited to bring this to you...so keep watching your inbox for new updates on G3!

Keep the Faith!

So say we all!

Shawn O'Donnell


Battlestar Galactica Fan Club

Visit Battlestar Fanclub at: http://battlestarfanclub.com

Now, on sort of a related note, I have been following the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club for years. (Back when Chris Pappas ran it!!) I still even have my original Battlestar Galactica Fan Club membership card!! (Member since 7/28/2000!!!) (Maybe if you ask real nice I'll post the card elsewhere on the board.. )

Anyways..... I have been asked numerous times by Stadia (who is a good friend of mine and is part of the Battlestar Callisto Role playing Game and, to my knowledge, is the Vice President of the BSGFC) in the past to have the BSGC join in a partnership with the BSGFC.. I have always refused, because they deal with the re-imagined series. I want to keep this board dedicated to the Classic BSG. But it looks like they are including Classic BSG in the con, so, I have decided, I will report the events of the con dealing with only the Classic BSG here...

Just thought you'd want to know.
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Default Re: Official Thread: Galacticon III Announcements

The first guests have been announced... (partial message from Shawn)

A message to all members of Battlestar Fanclub

Ladies & Gentlemen, Colonials all!

A special greeting to everyone on this day of Saturday February 25th 2012!

It's...let me see...10 full months to the day before Christmas, but I have an early gift for you all.

As you may know (or may not) for over a year now we...as in a dedicated team of us....have been working on, brainstorming on & organizing for a special event that we can present to you.

It's a puppy!

No, just kidding...this is something big...very big.

There was a tradition begun after Battlestar Galactica went off the air...begun with in '93 with the 15th Yahren Convention held here in California that brought the cast & crew together with the fans.

Fast foward to 2003 (and remember that this was just prior to the beginning of the re-imagined series)...and the first Galacticon held in Los Angeles.

Richard Hatch conceived of a special event that would & did bring cast, crew & fans together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show.

In 2008 we took the bit in teeth & did something unique to celebrate the 30th...we did Galacticruise....literally taking the Convention to sea, from the Queen Mary berthed in Long Beach California to the city of Avalon on the island of Catalina and on to Mexico!

We have dubbed that adventure Galacticon II.

We are now ready to present to you the next chapter in our voyage & I'm very pleased to announce our initial guest list (yep, there are more coming), but I think these first guests will excite you.

The first guest I would like to announce is a man who IMHO has had more to do with getting Battlestar back to where it rightfully belongs...he was Captain Apollo in the original series and Tom Zarek in the re-imagined: Richard Hatch!

Playing a counterpoint to Richard in the original series, a roguish character that everybody loves and the first chomper of cigars in the Vipers seat: Dirk Benedict!

(Some new series guests were announced here...)

Oh & btw....please feel free to take a look at the now active & operational Emissaries: Galacticon III We think you'll like it!

Ok, at ease!

Shawn O'Donnell


Battlestar Galactica Fan Club
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So sez our Muffit!!!

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