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Default Just read the Ron chat

Wasn't really interested but the URL was here so I said what the hell.
A couple of things I noticed. Ron wants to break out from the norm in sci fi and do things different from things that are done to death.

That's noble but there are aliments in the mini like man creating robots only to have them end up as their enemy, that has been done more times then I can count.

I was invited to the chat and appreciated the offer. At the time I wasn't really interested and couldn't anyway's because my java was acting up.
I always have questions when it's too late. lol

My question would have been why were you so determined to get away from the norm in some areas but it didn't bother you to do other aspects like the human robot thing and the implant mind thing that has been done over and over again.

I've read the interview and it came off as selective reasoning. Reasoning that applies to parts of the mini but not all.
It's just my opinion but it was no different then what it has always been.

(I wish I could do what the fans want but I'm doing what the sci fi channel and I want.) To me it only stands to reason that if you are bringing back Battlestar Galactica that is based on more of other movies and TV shows then Battlestar Galactica it's self, your not the right person for the job but this is just my opinion .

Changing 99% of something and using the same name will never make sense to me but like I said that's just my opinion.

Now I think I will stay away from this project all together because like most have said, it's more constructive to focus on what we want and the actual people that are willing to put the fans first for the most part.

Tom, Glen, Richard , Dirk and as many of the others as possible.
We are behind you 100%

Oh and one more thing. I mean no disrespect Ron but you said you don't believe in research for your projects. Fair enough but you said that you did some for the military side of things. Yes there wasn't a huge up roar from the fans when you took this over but we were here and we were expressing how we feel. If I was taking over a production from another that stalled, I would be at least a little bit curious on what the fans were thinking and I would seek it out but that's just me.

Now I'm done with that and wish all the fans of the mini and the people that worked on it, all the best. Just because it's not in my neck of the woods, doesn't mean others shouldn't enjoy it.

Desanto and Larson, Larson and desanto.
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