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LOL Happy Birthday to... larocque6689!


Happy Birthday to John, the Battlestar Galactica documentalist extraordinaire! I hope your Nova Yahren today is an awesome one.


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Yay! It's been awesome so far.

Thanks Nathan!

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Happy Birthday John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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John! Happy Birthday, man.

Many happy returns!

I wish somebody would tell me what that means......

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Happy Birthday!!


ps, Dawg, Happy returns is short for many happy returns of the day...

This is a cross section of opinion why we say it, from a news paper "whats your question" list (the Digital Sydney Morning Herald): Take your pick... (I'm with Amber...)

Why do you wish a person "many happy returns of the day" on their birthday?

The happy returns on your birthday refer to solar returns - the moment when the sun returns to the zodiac sign and degree it occupied at your birth. A horoscope is drawn up for the precise moment of your solar return, in order to predict your year ahead - hopefully a happy one!
Jessica Adams, North Sydney

It began as an occult wish, recalling our birth and anticipating the next life: that we shall come back as, say Attila the Hun rather than Attila's horse, or Cleopatra rather than one of her eunuchs.
Paul Roberts, Lake Cathie

Don't wish people "many happy returns of the day", wish them a happy solar return - the day the sun returns to the position in the sky it was in when you were born.
Derek Parker, Mosman

You are wishing them that their birthday will "return" again - many times i.e. that they will have a long life.
Amber Jones, Surry Hills

This phrase came into use when people revolved around their families (before the days of confuddling and befusing technological contraptions) and they would, when it came to their birthdays, go home to their families to celebrate with the family. When they said "many happy returns" it meant "We hope you have many more happy days like that returning to your family..."
Cam Wilson, Warrawee
"No warrior should be weak, and no female warrior can be.."
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Happy birthday, John!
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Thanks to all!
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