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Guys and gals I am VERY new to this forum; A to all of you here; I'm really just reading the posts so I can learn so I won't be posting much at first. I did have questions about the religious aspect of all of this and if it was brought up in the old series. I've have not seen the old series since it aired so I am more than lost about the whole phenom.

The feeling I got from the recent BSG is that there is still the Cylon~human: creation~creator problem. I keep thinking of that portion in Animatrix that humans created machines; humans then abused machines; machine obtains their right to think and be a life form; humans fear new life form; humans try to destroy their creation. I s that it? Are can there be variations on this theme?

The humanism is WHAT I'm looking for; I mean if you turn on any news show or any newspaper; "if it bleeds it leads" is way too prevalent for my taste; but I'm much too much of a realist to retreat completely to fantasy; I'm just not entertained anymore by "too pretty people" having an hour long battle with evil and always winning. I want to see something that if there was space travel; it "COULD" happen. I want to see people that are flawed but still CHOOSE to do the right thing.

SO, that's the end of my yapping now; I'm going back to read more.

Thanks for understanding my ignorance and for having an interesting forum!
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Originally posted by N~still

I did have questions about the religious aspect of all of this and if it was brought up in the old series. I've have not seen the old series since it aired so I am more than lost about the whole phenom.

Welcome to the Fleets!

Regarding your question about the religious aspects of BSG, in regards to the Original Series, check the thread below:


Again, welcome, and enjoy yourself!!

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Welcome, in Battlestar Galactica the Cylons where not created by man. In the mini-series the cylons are a man made creation.
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Default Religion

For those new to the forum and haven't seen TOS in years or ever:

Yes religion is a very important issue in TOS. It would appear from the mini it will be an important issue in a future series. Where Moore is going with religion is hard to tell but that he intends to say something is obvious. I speculated about the Al-queda/radical Islam similarities to the cylon attitude toward religion expressed in the mini. I also see the colonials having the modern secular state attitude to religion so far. The government brings out religion and prayer as a background but they do not believe or practice. As such government officials use religion to motivate those they lead but in reality do not respect the religious beliefs they quote. Maybe the mini series will show the colonials rediscovering their faith or possibly it will show all religion in a negative light with no real gods or God. I hope this is the battle of good versus evil we had in TOS but who knows at this point where it is going.
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Battlestar Galactica 2004

Thank you for understanding my lack of BSG history and helping me out; I do need a lot of help! I do not want to be drawn to one side or the other of TOS or mini; that's way out of my league; I'm wanting.... so wanting to find middle ground though it may be improbable. I have no problem with reasonable arguements that might turn a little heated because emotions become involved; but it hurts to read people trash other people. The world, in my opinion, fosters just as the Tracey Chapman song "New Beginning" ...."too much separation; too little understanding".

Again, thank you for welcoming me warmly and please be patient with my learning~ re-education curve of BSG. Thank you!!!

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Default Re: Adama - Not so different?

Originally posted by antelope526
1) In our distant future where we are technologically similar and then base the series on a reconquest of the colonies in season 2 or 3.
Gotta love that thought.
I really don't want to repeat "Galactica 1980" again.
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I would like to see a change of pace from the constant yadda yadda about earth being an insignificant speck, etc. etc. The idea that the ragtag fleet could find earth in our time and discover that it is a weak planet that cannot help them is just too much of a useless downer. I want to see them find the real earth two or three centuries from now, exchange technologies where each learns something cool from the other, and then they go back and seriously redraw the map of the Cylon Empire. That's what I would LIKE to see. I wonder what will actually happen.

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Default Terra versus BSG1980

If I was a member of the rag tag fleet and spent 20 years in the Colonial Movers ship looking for Earth to find Earth in 1980 after leaving Terra behind I would have hung Adama from a rafter. They definitely better not make that mistake twice!
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Default Re: how many "tos" character will make it into the (new) mini (series)

It did not matter which characters. What mattered was what RDM did with them.
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