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Cool Newbies Thoughts on new Mini Series

Hi folks,

I have decided to post here, as this seems like the place to be, for information on Battlestar Galactica. I have tried posting my opinion of the new show at the Sci Fi Boards, but I guess the moderators there, don't like my views. I may be a "Newbie" here, but I am NOT a newbie, when it comes to Battlestar Galactica.

Now, time for the matter at hand, the new Mini Series at Sci Fi. With much reluctance, I decided to give the new Mini Series a try, and was sadly disappointed. The first word that comes to mind, is "Boredom". The "Battle" scenes lacked any imagination, or thought of how to invoke the audience into rooting for a winner. The interaction between the characters, showed NO camaraderie between them, or any of the other characters for that matter. I just couldn't find a character, that I was hoping to see, on a regular basis.

I tried my hardest to find something exciting about the new show, but even after four hours of watching, there was none to be found. I was SO looking forward to the final "Battle Scene" at the end, hoping that something there just might change my opinion, and was disappointed once more. There was no "Excitement" factor, that had me on the edge of my seat. Well, They can't say that I disliked the show, without letting it try to convince me otherwise. I am a fan of "Science Fiction" shows and movies, that are full of Action and Adventure, not a "Soap Opera In Space".

I have other dislikes of the new show, like the lack of Charisma and interaction of the characters, but most of them have been hashed out already.

Let me just add, that Moore and Sci Fi had a chance to make something
GREAT here, and they let it slip through their fingers. If this show were to make it to a series, I won't be tuning in, unless I need a nap....

Thanks for giving us the space, to voice our opinions.......
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Welcome, Badpauls.
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Default Another Newbie's thoughts...

This is my first post here, I found my way here after reading the SciFi Board's posts. I'll start by saying I'm old enough to remember watching the Original Series as a teenager. For it's time, the original series was WAY ahead of it's time...for TV. I watched the mini series with an open mind....

I'll be honest, if they'd have named it anything other than "Battlestar Galactica", it would have been interesting...but hanging the legacy of BG-TOS on it was a supreme disservice to the original series and the mini series. They should have called it "Escape from Caprica" or "Escape to the Stars"...not Battlestar Galactica.

I watched it a couple times....and found myself finding what I considered blatent ripoffs from other series....and that was sad. Battlestar Galactica has plenty going for it...I half expected to see a B5 Whitestar open a jump gate when Adama said "JUMP". And "Six"? Is she Seven of Nine's Sister? Does Lucas know the Trade Federation's ships are mimic'd here?

Ah, I would have really enjoyed this under a different name. Thankfully, I have my VHS BG-TOS tapes to watch!

First Post....please don't flame me too much!
a.k.a "The JeepMaster or Jeeper"
I Loved BG the FIRST Time it aired!
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Well put Jeep and welcome
I tried to watch it again, they could cut #6 out totally, she was really annoying. The FX were the only thing worth watching and the new starbuck really sucks
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Default Re: Another Newbie's thoughts...

Originally posted by Jeeper
First Post....please don't flame me too much!
You have nothing to worry about here. Welcome!
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