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peter noble
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Default Richard's book Paradis

Well what can you say about the fifth Richard Hatch BSG book?


Paradis, a slim tale at 243 pages and a steep price is basically a good yarn let down by far too many production errors.

The book is full of spelling errors, characters turning up when they should be somewhere else in the story and once again Drs Wilker and Salik seem to have sawapped jobs!

This book seems to have not been touched by an editor at all! That they should release such a slapdash product after the mistakes in the third book is unforgiveable.

Obviously there is a market for these books as there are now five, but Mr Hatch should put his foot down with ibooks and get some quality control or get a collaborator who actually knows something about the series.

Btw, the cover is a terrible photoshop job that makes use of the p**-poor Monogram Galactica model!

Final verdict.

Story: 3/5 Quality: -5/5

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Default Book...

I agree with Peter. To have spelling errors is one thing, but to have inconsistencies such as mixing up the jobs that the original characters performed on the series is a bit much!

I have begun reading it but I am not finished yet. Richard should definitely insist that proofreading is done to a much higher standard. It makes him and the publisher look bad!

As for the cover art, I was extremely disappointed, to say the least. The last covers had great artwork (even that Frazetta print was cool since it was one of his original pieces of art), but this cover was sickening!!! Not much thought went into it at all...
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Why don't you ask him in the chat session tonight? I know the story behind the book problems, but this is your chance to ask him things directly.
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I just picked up my copy of "Paradis" on my way home - B&N called me this morning to let me know that it had come in. The first thing that struck me was the cover of the book - the cover art that was displayed on Richard's website prior to release was much better! At first, I thought that B&N had ordered the wrong book...

I am sorry to hear of all the spelling errors, etc... I remember reading that Richard had a similar problem when "Resurrection" came out and they had all of the problems fixed by the time that the paperback version came out. Maybe he should consider a new editor/publisher!

I'm keeping the book closed for today and I will start it tomorrow night, just in case it is a page-tuner for me (just like Resurrection was!).

Best regards,
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maybe it was hijacked and ghost-written by Moore?
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Default pronunciation of title

Is the title of the book pronounced "paradise" or is it "PEAR-ah-diss" or "per-AH-diss"?

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Whew, I wasn't loco, Wilker & Salik were swapped!

Tigh's "pet" changed names too. And Boomer was in two places at once.

I noticed the typos too: I think I noticed them more because the quality of the writing itself was better than the last 2. It was a different book in many ways. I was enjoying the language and word choices and the philosophical debates in it so I slowed my reading down. Wonderful, highly visual descriptions as usual.

I like the story. I love how Baltar is being redeemed, yet is also--to his own inner torture--irrevocably their undoing. I like how the relationships are going--even if they are not quite where I want them to be (yet?). Thought it wrapped up a little quickly. but I always want MORE.
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