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Default off topic--video and music question

I suppose the answers to my questions are on the Internet someplace (or even by phone if I call Media Play), but I don't feel like spending an hour trying to track this information down if one of you knows the answers immediately.
I am looking for one music CD and several videos. They may not exist.
1. Is there a CD by Russell Watson that includes "Faith of the Heart" (the Enterprise theme)? I've looked in several different music store chains and see one CD by him in the classical music section, but it doesn't include this song. I've actually heard the song over the piped-in music at the local grocery store, not once but twice, but it doesn't sound like Watson--I think it's Rod Stewart! (I am not making this up!).
2. My two favorite episodes of SeaQuest are "Bad Water," (the one from the first season about the children trapped in the vessel on the floor of the ocean, as a hurricane rages on the water), and "Runaway Train" (from the third season).
3. My four favorite episodes of Voyager are "Blink of an Eye," "11:59," "One Small Step" and "Bride of Chaotica."
Are any of these SeaQuest or Voyager episodes available on VHS or DVD? I can't find them. Were they available at one time, and now out of print? Or haven't they been released yet?
I am not looking for copies that any of you have made--I can do that myself. I've purchased bootlegs of various CDs and videos off the Internet before, and have been disappointed in the quality. I am looking for actual licensed merchandise, licensed by the producers.
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Enterprise Main Title
Available on the Broken Bow soundtrack
Lyrics by Diane Warren
Vocal by Russell Watson

And there is indeed a version by Rod Stewart as well.
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Default enterprise theme

I found one answer to my own question. I went to a different Media Play today and found a new CD by Russell Watson, entitled "The Voice." It wasn't in Media Play's computer, and it was on sale in the classical section, which leads me to believe it's a brand-new release.
Media Play didn't carry the Broken Bow soundtrack, although it had plenty of other Star Trek CDs it could order.
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Faith of the Heart was originally recorded by Rod Stewart for the Patch Adams soundtrack. There was a CD single of it though I think you have to get that 2nd hand. The Enterprise intro is shorter than the whole song.
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Here is a fan club for Seaquest. I'm sure they can answer any questions you might have.....

here is the fan club for Star Trek. You can also get any questions answered there on where to purchase the VHS of the Voyager episodes...

For Faith of the Heart...here is a nice site I think you'll enjoy. It gives you the lyrics and all of the verses and you can also listen to it.....


Hope this helps you a little.....
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