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Default Does anyone remember this Battlestar interview?

I picked this up from the Yahoo BSG Revival board.
Anyone remember this interview?



Hello everyone..

I don't normally post here (I simply don't have anything to contribute), but may I ask you guys something that has nothing to do with the new reimagined series?

Does anyone remember an interview done on either the Mike Douglas or Merv Griffin shows that took place on the bridge set of BG? I believe it was a whole hour/half hour dedicated to the show and they interviewed Maren Jensen and Terry Carter, who were both in costume in their bridge officers uniforms. At one point, Maren and Mike/Merv pointed out how the computers worked on the set and that they were actually some sort of computer war game. Maren demonstrated how it worked, then allowed her guest to try it. She scored quite well, and he bombed completely, if memory serves correct. There were clips of the show and also a tour of the bridge in addition.

The show used to be on around the 4 pm hour here on the East Coast. I want to say that it was Mike Douglas, but I can't remember. One or the other.

In any case, does anyone have this on tape that I could get a copy of and pay handsomely for? I have never been able to find it and didn't own a VCR at the time. I am hoping it might be on the new DVD box set, but I doubt it.

Thanks for any help you folks can offer.

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I wish I had seen that interview - it sounds like a good one! I'm also pleased to see ONE intelligent post come out of that group, I shut off my e-mail to it as I was tired of what showed up in my box every day.

Kudos to Kathy (whomever she may be) - She may not post often, but when she does, it's a good one!

Lovely Wendie99
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A great question or quest if you will for us folks going to the party in October...to find a tape of that show.
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I don't remember that interview. Sounds like it was a good one. I do remember the cast (Lorne, Richard, Dirk, Maren, and Jane) being guests on the Dinah Shore Show. Boy, I wish I had that one on tape!
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