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Lightbulb Google: The Web Browser!

Looks like Google may be thinking about replacing Internet Explorer.

Up until recently Google has always responded strongly that they have no wish to challenge microsoft's internet explorer. But that has changed. The company no longer will talk about any plans to challenge Microsoft. They only say that they don't talk about what Google considers its future projects.

And suddenly Ben Goodger works Google now. Goodger is the main programmer for Firefox, the popular alternative to Internet Explorer. Goodger won't comment, but he does state that he is working on Firefox and OTHER browsers.

I am thrilled about this! Internet Explorer is a lousy piece of programming. It has TONS of security holes. It is very virus prone. And it improves at the pace of a snail. Which is one reason Firefox is so popular. Its more secure. It has more features. Its easier to use. More powerful. More customizable.

Google has been a great company. And I hope they can create something betterthan internet explorer. And I believe they can withstand the dirty tricks microsoft will do to bring them down.

btw in other Google news, they have been recording TONS of tv programming. They are son going to allow users to search transcripts of shows like we search through websites and images. And even better, they are looking to allow searching for video, so you can WATCH what you searched for!!! Looking for a CNN report? Or a interview on Oprah? Or just the last TOP TEN list on David Letterman? Well, soon Google may allow you to see it!

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Dear god...let's all sell our souls to Google quick, so we can cash in on Google brain implants for cheap in 20 years.

I use Firefox, but I would definately be sorely tempted to move over to a Google web browswer. Google has yet to wrong me, unlike Microsoft.

...oh crap, Bill Gates just gave me another blue screen of death. I'll see you later.
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I have a friend that lives in Berkeley - He just graduated from school and just got a job working for Google...

It looks like he got a job with the right company, eh?
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Best part is they are a public company. Is this news has ANY validity to it, then this would be a very smart time to invest. Here is a link to thier info . . .

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As predicted . . .
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