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LOL Zero Wing

Appalling grammar aside, donít you think this 1990 space shooter is a bit of a BSG rip?

For those new to planet Internet here is the flash movie which started the All Your Base Craze.

For those who still have no idea whatís going on I'll spell it out.

A Cyborg race called CATS :confused: has launched a surprise attack and overrun or destroyed all of your bases. They have also somehow bombed your entire carrier fleet.

The captain of one surviving ship receives a message from cats, it is not made clear if this is an automated message or if this particular captain has been singled out for special attention from CATS. In any case the desperate captain orders the launch of all zig fighters to combat CATS.

Only one fighter manages to launch before the ship is presumably destroyed. That would be you <---

The game itself was unremarkable languishing in obscurity for a decade before reaching notoriety for the bad translation during the intro sequence.

Does any of this sound somewhat familiar ?
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Welcome to Colonial Fleets, Oenone!

From the looks of it, it might more likely be a take off of Wing Commander. Both the name (Zero Wing) and the foe being CATS (in Wing Commander the Kilrathi were cat-like beings, which unfortunately the movie blew entirely).

Just a guess. Perhaps they also got elements from BG for the story.
Thanks for joining us!
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Default so thats where!

All your Base came from!!
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Yes i was referring to the story. There isn't really a lot of variation between space based shooters. They all end up being repetitive and you find yourself playing solely to advance the story line.
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So sez our Muffit!!!

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