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Default Re: Virtual Season Update

The VS project was tremendous - just a superb effort on the parts of all those who contributed. I really enjoyed it !! Oh, how I wish they had given us just one more season, at least (but minus some of the wonky threads that Larson was throwing out there, egad).

I have now dug into Eric's versions of the of the televised episodes, and am partway into WOTG. To jump back to Fire in Space, I think you really filled in some huge plot holes in a very detailed fashion, Eric. You wove in a lot of additional dialogue and situations that made it much more cohesive.

I've read a lot of comments about that episode being low on a lot of lists (and of course we're all entitled to our likes & dislikes), but I feel the entire concept was a very plausible idea. In fact the story I am working on has kamikaze strikes figuring into a part of it. I never said it was going to be pretty, folks.
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