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Default Re: Virtual Season Update

Senmut, I absolutely believe you hit on what the characters would evolve into, given that situation that they were manipulated into. The core strengths of Apollo and Sheba, in their real lives as Warriors, naturally would carry over into another dimension, or existence, from my viewpoint.

The story I am working on, I believe I noted previously, is set right after the end of the season, so I am clearly way behind you guys in terms of fleet time passed. That would be a great name for a band : Fleet Time Passed !

I have my antagonist, but have just come up a second character that opens up a whole can of new worms (not the bore worms), who is going to be instrumental in future stories. I banged hard on work all week, so I can attack some serious writing over the holiday since the weather in my part of Pennsylvania ain't gonna be so great the next couple days.
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