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Regarding the term "fanatics"Ö.

That is NOT meant as an insult to anyone.

There are some here that would yell, and scratch, and scream over the matter of Hatch vs Desanto or Larson. And they would harm people and forums over the ďproperĒ revival of Galactica. That my friends is FANatical behavior. That doesnít mean we donít like you. It doesnít mean that we donít enjoy your company. It doesn't mean we don't consider you friends. It just means much damage can be done unintentionally by you to our home.

Please leave the fanatical stuff at home or offline.

We are here to ENJOY the love and majesty of that old ship. If you want to harm any person or place over a tv show, then this probably isnít the right place for you.

This is a place for enjoying the company of friends. And to support good things.

To those who are here for fun,


Grab a flagon of our fine ambrosia, and toast to good friends. We are thankful to all our patrons for they make Colonial Fleets what it is today.

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