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Originally Posted by Eric Paddon
Interesting premise, though in another sense that was a natural progression of Apollo's point in "Saga" about how Cylons discovered that humans were the most practical lifeform to adapt themselves to, so making them more humanoid over time was one of the few things about G80 that had a degree of credibility in the regular Galactica tradition.
I agree with you on this 100%. I thought that the episode in BSG80 with the human cylon was one of the few good episodes. I think Moore's current run with "human cylons" is a natural progression from TOS and BSG1980. I would be curious to know if Larson had plans to introduce such a concept if he made a TOS season 2.

I never like the idea of time travel except at most as a freak non-repeatable abboration. That was one of the main weaknesses of BSG80 along with superhuman powers for ordinary colonials.

I can't see the Eastern Alliance taking over the cylons as they were portraid in TOS. The Terra people were not as advanced as the colonials and the colonials couldn't beat the cylons in a 1,000 yahrn war. Maybe a fan fiction could explain it well. If you read such a fan fiction let me know some details if you thought the story plausible.
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