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Okay, I'm new here, but I can't help but be drawn into series speculation.

First, I thought about Boxey, too, but, if you pay careful attention to the first few shots of part one (assuming it plays out as the script states. I didn't notice when I watched and my VCR crapped out on me.)you should find that the Colonial officer at Armistice Station has a picture of his wife and Boxey.

If you want my theories as to who may be cylons, I'll give you one out of a form of logic and one because it would come so far out of left field that it would make sense (though thinking about it now, I can probably provide logic about it, too.)

1. Baltar. I don't think the images of #6 are the result of a chip in his head. I find it more likely that he is a cylon sleeper agent who thinks he's human. That is, perhaps, why #6 is so fascinated by him. It would also explain how he picked the right person as a cylon, even though he admittedly had no way to actually detect them.

2. The president. Yes, it seems like a stretch, and it would come totally out of left field, but...Think about this: She has cancer, or maybe it's some kind of flaw in her cylon body. She tries to gather as many refugees together as possible, which is noble, but she gathers them all in open space. There is no cover, no protection and no fighters. Logically, she would have tracked to the Galactica and then gone looking for the refugees to bring them somewhere protected. Perhaps she was trying to gather them all together to make them easy targets. Even when she found out that the Galactica had survived, she tried to get them to come to her. Finally, the conversation she has at the end about earth: it seemed to me that she was trying to validate the cylon belief that there were no humans outside the 12 colonies.

Granted, this is all wild speculation, but it's fun for me anyway.
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