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Default Cylons at Ragnar

If I remember correctly, after Adama took over control of the fleet he issued an order to the fleet to meet at Ragnar in order to start a counter-offensive. I assume the cylons intercepted the message either electronically or through an agent on board a then surviving colonial fleet ship. Only after the FTL jump to Ragnar did Adama know the Galactica was the sole surviving Battlestar. I don't think Adama truly believed how dire the situation was until then.

My question is how did the lone cylon end up inside the station before the Galactica got there? Why did the cylons not destroy the station in advance? You would think the lone cylon there if he had any initiative would have done his best to destroy it prior to the arrival of the colonial fleet. Maybe the cylons planned to use the station for themselves and never expected the colonials to ever make it there. The lone cylon at Ragnar doesn't make sense to me. Where was his ship? Was his illness for real? Thus far I find him second only to the red spine of Six as the most confusing aspect of the mini. If anyone has any ideas on the cylon at Ragnar let us know.
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