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larocque said"
...Doral picked a fight with Roslin. As senior government minister, she took charge on the future Colonial One. Doral had a problem with this, and came up with another candidate: the pilot of the ship. He then told Lee upon arrival that the pilot should be in charge...
Hmm... Some interesting points. However, I thought that when Lee showed up, Doral was suggesting that Lee himself take command. But you may be right. I"ll have to go back sometime and re-review those scenes.

As for the flight captain being a Cylon, if he was a really good Cylon, he should have been willing to sacrifice himself and gone ahead and broadcast the co-ordinates. I mean, if this is a chance to get the last remnants of humanity, that should have been info worth "dying" for. So...

One thing I'm not sure about is how did the Cylons find the fleet at Ragnar anyways?

Also, antelope makes some good points about Six helping Baltar find the Cylon device on the bridge. Why would she do that? I don't think it's a homing beacon. If it was, then the Cylons would already know where the fleet is. As it is, both Six and the Boomer Cylon at the end said that they would eventually find the humans. Which suggests that they don't know exactly where they are at "present." So, I think there must be another reason/purpose for that device.

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