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Default Good logical deduction

I like your thought process. This is why I read this site. You have a lot of good points.

I also think the unseen person Six met in Caprica City will turn out to be an unknown Cylon agent on the Galactica. However from the camara angle of that scene I think the cylon Six met was small in stature. I speculate it was Boxey. I think Boomer is not a sleeper at all. Her mission that day was to pick up Boxey at a minimum. Six knew Boomer would be coming so either out of love or evil she ensured Baltar was at the pick up site also. I think that Boomer and Boxey are now a cylon team.

I wonder however if Six is still on the cylon team or not. She was able to get Baltar to put Doral off the Galactica but she never admitted to Baltar that she knew he was a cylon. She had the device removed but we don't know what the device did. For all we know the removal may start a homing beacon or wake up cylon sleepers. Her role via Baltar should be interesting assuming we get a series. At this point everything she says is suspect as are her motives.

I thought Roslin may be a cylon but as I read your and other threads I now think she probably is not. You're right, any movements to harm the people during her scenes have always been initiated by others. If anything she is probably the person most responsible for saving humanity at this point.
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