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Default Colonial One's pilot is a Cylon spy

I'm going to throw this one out to you. Feel free to dispute my reasoning. I only caught on to it a bit late in presentation, but if you noticed the same things you might agree agree.

We know that Aaron Doral is a Cylon spy. Through deductive reasoning, Baltar exposed him and the Colonials left him stranded on Ragnar. Aaron was on the Galactica two weeks before the attack and installed the mysterious Cylon device on the bridge.

When someone is a bad agent, you look at who they associate with and you judge their actions and behavior and see if a pattern fits. I think I found a pattern.

Doral picked a fight with Roslin. As senior government minister, she took charge on the future Colonial One. Doral had a problem with this, and came up with another candidate: the pilot of the ship. He then told Lee upon arrival that the pilot should be in charge.

When the Cylons dipped out of hyperspace for a quick sweep - there were two people who cautioned Roslin to wait and move survivors from sublight ships to light speed ships. The first was Doral. The second was the flight captain.

Later - just before they jumped to light speed, the captain was about to inform those left behind that Colonial One was heading to Ragnar. Lee stopped him, because of legitimate fears that the Cylons could capture and take humans prisoner and extract that information from the ragtag survivors among the sublight ships.

This may answer another mystery. On the planet below, before Baltar is going to meet his mistress (his "contact at the defence ministry") Nubmer Six faces the camera and says "about time you arrived" to an unknown person, probably a Cylon agent.

Since Boomer is (most probably) a "sleeper agent" and Doral is on the Galactica, that suggests another candidate. I would suggest as one possibility the filght captain.

I'm not sure this is in the script and I didn't read it religiously. But based on my viewing, I think a case can be made that the flight captain is a Cylon agent. And therefore, in a prospective series, there is at least one active agent (other than Boomer) among the survivors.
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