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Originally posted by jewels dvo, what are you trying to say? the mini aired, yes Larson got his credits (without having to take straight script credit: hiding behind the psuedonym).

What's your point? Jewels
More Money Honey$$$$!

My point is that Glen A. Lason waited till Battlestar lite was a GO, geenlighted or whatever. Then he did to The Scifi Channel, this year what he did to ABC in '80, after they had THAT Galaticia 1980 was a done deal he said "wait a lot more money for me" Glen A. Larson.

How much more CLEAR do I need to be?
Originally posted by dvo47p After the December 8th premiere date to be plastered all over by Scifi. When a dude with a briefcase not a gun, did a legal shakedown for an obscene amount of money, The Scifi Channel/USANetwork/Universal somewhere between that proverbial rock, and that legendary hard place, they remitted the extortion money.

Itís not like Glen A. Larson hasnít done this before, when ABC tried to cash in on the Battlestar Galactica name with the regrettable Galactica: 1980, he did a similar legal shakedown to ABC, hello Universal Studios a continuation fan (repcisg) and a Paramount employee saw one this coming.

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