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Default Re: What order are the Richard Hatch books to be read?

I've read the first three of Richard's books, and actually just received the fourth in the mail today (a signed copy, no less).

While there were certain elements of the first three that I enjoyed, there were two utterly opposite revelations near the end of Resurrection; one of which moved me to bittersweet tears and the other that had me squirming in utmost discomfort. I will not divulge either, for those who have not read the books, but I am embarking on the fourth tonight (Rebellion) with a great deal of trepidation. I also noticed, as well, the increasing price as the volumes went on. Ultimately, even though I don't care for some of the plot points, it was Richard's vision and I'm not going to trash that, not ever.

As far as the original novelizations, I had some of them from the great past, but they apparently grew legs at some point (likely in a previous move - and ain't that fun ?) and are gone. Like someone mentioned earlier, its a now a matter of snooping around used book shops.
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