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Default Re: Happy 40th Galactica 1980!

I met Kent McCord at a local Collectible/Sci-Fi convention several years ago, and he was very personable and talked at length with me concerning "Galactica 1980." It was funny, but the show (in Dallas) was well attended, and he had a few people come by the table, and I was the only one that wanted to talk Battlestar with him; everyone else (of course) talked "Adam-12."

He talked about the original series and that he had tried out for the role of Apollo that eventually went to Richard Hatch, so he felt it was kind of natural that he got the role of Troy in Galactica 1980. He also joked with me, as he had/has gray hair now, and said, "I could play Adama now, huh?"

He stated that he wished that the show would have lasted several more episodes, as he thought that it could have gone for another season or two at least, as they were going to be exploring more of the Egyptian motifs from the series and re-institute time-travel back to ancient Egypt, etc.

Really nice guy to talk to, and very unpretentious.
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