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Default Re: New BG Classic ongoing comic

Originally Posted by Croft2018 View Post
I've read a couple of the Dynamite BG comics and was not impressed with the stories or the artwork, which made everyone look beefy and built like Swarzenegger.

I was especially disappointed in their rethinking of Galactica 1980; absurd.
Well.....I gave them a brownie point for trying to reinvent the concept with a more compelling storyline. The execution though was way off, and don't get me started on how they tried to (ahem) drag in more than one unwelcome GINO reference!

But the one thing that amazes me is how that story and just about EVERY Dynamite story keeps making this wrongheaded assumption that religion in Galactica is polytheistic. Do these people ever LISTEN to the dialogue in the show? God is more than once referred to as singular by Adama and others. Heck, the whole title of the last episode is the ultimate comment on how the "standard" Colonial religion starts from a monotheistic background. I suspect that the influence of GINO is what causes this, and frankly it gets very irritating to me to see this mistake made over and over.
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