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Default Re: What was the best Battlestar Galactica comic book story?

Originally Posted by Jayworld View Post
The best Marvel comic story was the issue in which Boomer encountered the doomed ship with Adama's wife, Ilya.
Not that I want to plug my own work, but that Marvel story did provide an inspiration for the latest fanfic series I've been doing, part of the "Virtual Second Season" project which hasn't been updated on this board in years (it's had about 20 stories since then). The "Ila in a shuttle launched from the Colonies" always intrigued me as an idea but I've given it a more upbeat slant of Ila being part of a Resistance movement and going out in a one-person shuttle in search of Adama to get him to come back......only she's found instead by the Pegasus. Which leads to a new series of stories of Cain and Ila working together (strictly platonic) as the Pegasus keeps fighting its own battles while the Galactica still moves on.

I could have liked Marvel's work more had they not operated under the handicap of being forbidden to adapt or acknowledge any part of the series past LPOTG. So we never saw Cain, Sheba, Iblis and they never did bring Baltar back from the Kobol wreckage. In fairness, Marvel was operating under similar handicaps when they were also doing a Trek comic book after the first movie where they couldn't reference any of the plots or scenarios from the original series and could only build off the movie.

Liefeld's art on Max Press I admit could get real odd after a bit. It's more the strength of the first two series scripts that keep letting me look past that though it was looking worse by the time of the very poor "Journey's End" series. One legacy of Max that lives on is how the SOL are referred to as "Seraphs" even in one of Dynamite's series.
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