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Default Re: What was the best Battlestar Galactica comic book story?

I don't like to as a general rule bump threads from two presidencies back, but this one fascinates me because I've had a chance to go through a *lot* of Galactica comic books of late and I can tell you that after getting a look at what Realm Press was trying to do or had ambitions for......boy did we miss out on what could have been the best official Galactica publication ever. Scalf's art was dead-on accurate and above all the characters had the sound of the series, and unlike Dynamite it understood the relationship underpinnings. The one flaw was that the one time we saw Cassiopeia, she was throwing a fit because Starbuck was back to "space Casanova" mode juggling Athena with her again and that didn't ring true.

Alas, because so much of what Realm did ended up being unfinished in terms of not just one but two and three multiple storylines, it's hard ultimately to put them #1 because except for the first several issues nothing gives you a resolution through-line.

So the nod for me remains Max Press first two series "War Of Eden" and "Enemy Within." I also in re-reading the "Starbuck" flashback tale set just after "Experiment In Terra" am a little more positive than I used to be. I thought at the time it was forgetting the element of Apollo *stopping* the war, but looking at it, it's clear that the Alliance people Starbuck clashes with are outpost commanders still fighting their own battle. That said, the continuity wasn't as sharp with EIT as it could have been.

The one solid Dynamite tale remains the 2014 annual with the Baltar origin tale.
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