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Default Re: For the Larson Supporters

Originally Posted by Lusitan View Post

I confess i'm not very familiar with g80, but i do believe that, in g80, they never re-told the story from the begining, they never did sex changes, they never renamed key characters, they never changed one entire race's origins...
That is to me reason enough to be unable to place g2003 in an "alternate reality".

As for some Larson fans that recently returned to the boards, all i see is that they want revenge from whatever Hatch's fans did to them. nothing more. Like:"because of you we didn't get ours, so now you'll not get yours..."
From that recent poll, i see that there are alot of Larson, Hatch, DeSanto and Moore's fans, but there are also alot of Galactica fans, and there's where i decided to stay. I'm tired of all this fighting between fans.
As fans, we did not wish to fight. mefrely to have our feelings respected. Some of the characters in the original were almost like a sort of ersatz family, that we looked in on every Sunday night. Seeing them treated in such a fashion hurt. Kind of like having someone pour icky stuff all over your Grandma's picture.
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