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Default A point to ponder.

So, here is a little point to ponder. As we all know, the Cylons (in the original series) were a reptilian race that created the robot Cylons that we all know (and love/hate) to fight and kill off the humans. We also know that the robot Cylons had turned on their creators and (essentially) wiped them out during the 1000 yahren war.

With that being said, what if there were a group of the Reptilian Cylons that escaped the slaughter and fled to a new planet. After they were settled on the new planet and knew that they were safe from their own creation (gone wrong), they decided to continue their relentless pursuit and annihilation of the human race. So, in 1983 They found Earth and launched their attack, under the guise of helping the people of Earth with new medicines and ways to improve life as a whole, as looking human. The Humans called them "Visitors" Unfortunately, a young television journalist cameraman, named Michael Donovan discovered that the "Visitors" were in fact a reptilian race that had plans to "harvest" human for food.
In the end, the "Visitors" were driven off Earth.

So, the point to ponder is: Are the "Visitors" actually, the Reptilian Cylons from the original BSG?

Granted, I am quite certain that there are some of you out there who have already thought about this and probably have already discussed this to great lengths. Please tell my your thoughts and comments on this theory?
If it can be thought of, it can be done.

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