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Default Re: Maren Jensen Today?

Originally Posted by Charybdis View Post
Even so, the photo with Don Henley is definitely Maren, but that other one does not seem quite right. The older lady's lips are far too thin for Maren's mouth...
I agree. After spending some time with the "older lady's photo" in Photoshop trying to replicate makeup/shadowing, etc. from a similar photo (same pose/lighting) from 1979, I could see some similarities but was not convinced the older lady was Maren due to what you have suggested (lip thinness) as well as eyebrow height (relation from the top of the eyes), etc.

Would be wonderful if she could be located or if she made an appearance at a major convention. I think a lot of people would turn out to see her; she might be pleasantly shocked at the positive response.
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