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Default One comment on Biblical speculation.

We dig up people in the middle east, or rather their bones and we measure them forensically. The specimens we dig up are from pre-Abrahamic times-considerably before the time of the patriarchs.

There are no giants. The people seem to be about the normal size range you expect for modern humans, which is be tween 1.4 and 1.7 meters tall, and between 50 and 80 kilograms mass on an average. The specimens tend to the smaller end of the range.

Most of them died before forty-five years of age from natural causes; such as trauma[they fell down a lot], infectious disease, etc. Too many of them were killed and eaten, not all of them by wild animals.

Moderm humans tend to be tougher and more disease resistant then the ancient strains. This is logical. Survivors tend to be more disease resistant in a series of epidemics and they pass this trait along to their children. Modern humans also tend to be less clumsy than their forbears and have better aim. This again is a result of a process called culling.

When you look at the process in detail you marvel at how those early humans made it., Too many of them were weaklings, with bad teeth, apparently poor eyesight, lousy motor skills, poor endurance, weak stomachs, etc.

We may not be able to bend steel bars in our bare hands like a gorilla, but people forget;

We can throw a baseball up to 80 meters and put it within a circular error of probability of about a half meter across, catch it bare handed at the other end, and for us this is NORMAL.

We can run ten kilometers at a constant speed of ten kilometers per hour, and for us this is NORMAL.

We can eat anything organic after we burn it and remove alkaloid based poisons. No other animal on Earth except for the hyena and the vulture comes close. We can even eat stuff that would kill them.

We can sew. Our only competitor there is the spider and it took it a hundred million years to develop the specialized organs to do it.

And if we can find a rock in which to wedge that steel bar and put our backs into it, we CAN bend that steel bar.

And we have a berserk mode, which no other animal has, that allows us for brief periods to exceed our normal 1/5 horsepower[150 watt] output 10x.

That is twice the strength of a horse for thirty seconds. Or enough of an adrenaline rush for a woman in Utah to stand off a full grown grizzly bear that threatened her kids and WIN.

I tire of those who believe our ancestors were better than we are. They were NOT. Our children will be BETTER than us.

So shows the evidence.

What does the above tell us about the Colonials?

1. They should be right at home on planets like Artic where the Ravishol pulse cannon was located.
2. They should be less susceptible to radical climate change than we are.
3. Astronomically and mathematically, they must be dumber than rocks.
4. Ditto biologically.
5. And the LBs are far more intrusive in the affairs of the 12 Tribes than I first believed in the CBSGverse.


Somebody had to guide them to the Twelve Colonies of Man and BUILD the Twelve Colonies of Man for them.

Simple; just like we know that something played billiards with Neptune and knocked it over so that its sideral rotation is in plane with its orbital elliptic(Its knocked over on its side so that its poles point at the Sun at various times in its orbit and it spins like a wheel when we look at it instead of a top.] so we would easily detect the weird gravitational effects on a star caught in the middle and acting as a gravity anchor for a Klemplerer Rosette. That is so unlikely that we would be doing an immediate SETI sweep of that section of the sky looking for modulated radio waves and more oddball gravitational influences.

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