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I do believe that its stated somewhere in a book or other that Adama was 130 yahrens old!

And War Of The Gods has Adama stating that Kobollian human's ages were presently, Cylons not withstanding, at 200 yahrens give or take. Which isn't hard to believe, many person's refered to in the Bible lived for hundreds of years like Noah, Moses, isaac, King David and so on. Adam lived the longest after God banished him from the garden of Eden stating that he'd live for "ONE" of his day's. And Adam lived for close to over 950 years to practically 1,000 years (and had many children besides Cain and Abel) and thats always put a shadow of doubt on exactly how many days God managed to form the Earth in the bible (7 day's or 7,000? a day to a God wouldn't be by mortal standards now would it?)

When the Earth wasn't fllled with modern society's polution problems, germs and diease in the beginning and was rather rich with an echo system that supported life to the fullest, you've gotta believe that life cycles were much greater and people lived far longer than they do nower days. Our ancestors hunted and ate food sources that no longer exist anymore, for all we know that problaby was a source of nourisment and combination of broken down acids, salts and sugars, carbohydrates and protins in ones system, that made their metabolism's far more efficient than ours.

Since Battlestar Galactica draws heavily from bibical references as well as mythological ones, its problaby a fact that humans from the Kobollian era and the Colonies are like our ancestors and had much longer and healthier lifespans, if they didn't get directly involved in warfare or lived a particularly dangerous lifestyle!

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