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To me the worse story hands down was, 'Journey's End'! Although there are some Galactica fanfics that deal with a return to the 'Colonial Holocaust' storyline. Galactica really shouldn't dabble with time travel stories at all. Even the great and improving art by Hector Gomez (who's art probably would've been better if Rob Liefield obtained the likeness rights to do the Maximum Press BG comic book series) couldn't save this poorly executed story from the get go.

Writers couldn't even get the Battlestars vessels at Cimtar right and confused that issue further for a while afterwards.

Dark Genesis was also another poorly handled story which didn't relate to "Eve of Destruction: Prelude", that well either?

The Asylum story "Baptism of Fire" however was a story i felt was fantastically put together. And was even made a slight hint of in the War Of Eden feature story and mention of by Adama's grandson Cain* (introduced character for the comic book*). The early years in the Cylon/Colonial war for Adama, Tigh and Cain serving onboard the Battlestar Cerberus (taken and adapted from a passage in the War Of The Gods novel) under the command of Commander Odysseus and Colonel Imsu. A spin off featuring a young Adama, Tigh and Cain would've been great, and surely Commander Odysseus of the Cerberus could've had his own tales told in his own series had the Maximum Press stories continued and fleshed him out as another 'Living Legend' perhaps seeing why and how Commander Cain turned out the way he did etc. I figured just like the rumors of another "Battlestar" besides the Pegasus, turning up in season 2 of BG had the series continued (ignoring "G80" of course), that Maximum Press would've logically used the Cerberus and Commander Odysseus featured in this story to tell several flashback tales throughout the Maximum Press run.

Perhaps relating to his namesake Odysseus in the ancient Greek legends, the Odysseus and his crew of Galactica universe was hunted down by the gods (Lords of Kobol, Seraphs or Count Iblis?) after a major battle with the Cylons and couldn't return home to the colonies and became lost in deep space. And round about the time of the "what if we had "..... the second season. The Galactica came across the Battlestar Cerberus and Adama met his mentor and former Commander. And perhaps there would be a particular logical reason why Odysseus and crew didn't age when they met up and all? (A Seraph named 'Circe' perhaps plaguing them ). And like the 'flying dutchman' that the Pegasus and Babylon 4 are like in science fiction, the Cerberus disappears with Odysseus and crew roaming around out there looking to get home etc?

If only...

One of my requests to Dynamic Forces will be if they can do something similar or if its possible to resurrect the concepts of that story done by Robert Napton for dynamtic forces' BG comics to do anew. Or something towards that end.

Going back to listing the great comic book stories of Galactica though, others i've enjoyed from select comic publishing companies are Prison of Souls, Search For Sanctuary and Centurion Prime from Realm Press!

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