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Default OT: SCI FI Unveils Action Films

From Sci-Fi Wire:

The SCI FI Channel announced a new slate of upcoming action-oriented original movies that are set to premiere in 2003-'04. The films will air during the Channel's Saturday action-movie slot.

Since introducing Saturday action movies in 2002, the Channel has averaged a household rating of 1.4 for the original films. SCI FI is currently slated to air 22 originals in 2003 and will premiere approximately two per month. Previously announced projects include Man with the Screaming Brain and Earwigs (both starring Bruce Campbell), Epoch II, Graveland and Puppetmaster vs. Demonic Toys. All will premiere in 2003-'04. A list of the upcoming films follows.

•Dragon Storm. Maxwell Caulfield, John Rhys-Davies and Angel Borris star in this film, about alien dragons who arrive on medieval Earth in a meteor and threaten humankind, forcing two enemy kingdoms to join forces and fight off the alien dragon threat. The film recently completed production in Sofia, Bulgaria, from UFO Films.

•Idaho Creature Incident. John Savage and Michelle Goh star in a movie about a government experiment using an alien creature as a weapon. When the trial fails, the creature is locked inside a government facility and must be destroyed before it can escape. The film recently completed production in Sofia, Bulgaria, with Nu Image.

•Ghost Monkey. A freelance photographer and an American investigator join forces to stop a man-eating monkeylike creature that goes on a killing spree throughout the streets of India. Filming begins in the spring with Promark Entertainment.

•Snakehead Terror. In a small town in Maryland, a school of freakishly large man-eating snakehead fish overrun a lake and take to the land. It's up to the local sheriff to reel in the creatures before they can go on a massive feeding frenzy. Filming begins in Vancouver, B.C., in the spring with Cinetel.

•Phantom Force. A spinoff of the Interceptor Force movies, this film follows a force of elite government soldiers assigned to protect the human race from supernatural threats. Filming begins in Bulgaria in May with UFO Films.

•Interceptor Force III. In the not-too-distant future, a team of specially trained government soldiers protects Earth from hostile alien encounters. Produced by UFO Films.

•Gargoyle. The evil wizard Calabos wants to take over the world with an army of living gargoyles, and only Marcus, a magician who possesses an enchanted ring, can stop him. Produced by Chesler Perlmutter.


I smell cheese!

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