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Default Re: Ancient Aliens Series

I've watched quite a bit of the series, and done some related studies.

I think they get a lot of things right, but they also try to tie everything into ancient astronaut theory. IMO they need to quit using the shotgun method.

I think the real evidence is in DNA. I believe its a construct, a sort of programming code that used base4 rather than binary like out computers. It has structure and characteristics of computer code, switches, subroutines, error correction etc...
It also has programmer comment sections, and code sections that are "commented out".
there is also something interesting about human and primate DNA, one of them(human or primate I forget) has one chromosome which has the commented sections cleaned out and condensed, as if the programmer decided to finalize that version.

Of course if this is true, the academic, religious and medical establishments will ridicule and deny it. so even if you had proof, it would be summarily dismissed. Just like if UFO's flew in formation over the white house in front of thousands, the media and government would just deny it ever happened (in 1952 fighter jets were told to shoot down UFO's over DC).

My favorite visual evidence is the band of holes. If you havent seen it just use google earth and follow it. I think this was made by some sort of exploratory mining machine that traversed the land taking samples. De-bunkers try to claim that people used the holes in ancient times to bury food stores, thats idiotic.

One other interesting thing is that Mars is heavily contaminated by an isotope (forget which one right now) that is only created in nuclear explosions, in other words it may be that Mars was heavily nuked at one point long ago.

this is interesting:
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