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Originally Posted by BST View Post
Shareekuh!!! Ish we goin' there?? (hic)

Cown me in!!!



What in the... dat bar wuzh dere a min agoo... where'd it go??

Oh... there it is...((THUNK)) I figgered my head wood fine it furst...

It did!

So, Shareekuh, where'd th' ambrosee go to ?? I'm thirstee!!!!
Hey, Bee Esh Teeee *hic* ! (slaps him on the shoulder, making him spill his drink a little).
Me? Go where? Oh...yooo meean dis? (looks over her shoulder, and realises her skirt is tucked up, revealing her Friday underwear)
Oh now dang...'an I thought I had my Tuesday underwear on...the Siress shrugs...oh well, Monday it ish!

Sees her comrade sliding down to the floor, missing the bar.

She rubs her eyes.
Now, whut too doin' down dere, Bee-Esh-tee?*hic*
Did you think dere were steps unda yoo again?

Ambrosia? Whut Abroshia?
(she hids it under her skirt)
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