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Default Re: Battlestar Galactica / Planet of the Apes Crossover - Discussion Thread

Just finished your work; incredible fiction. You captured the characterization of the many players so accurately, both the Apes cast and the Battlestar cast. I especially liked your handling of the Apes cast, and felt that your ending was so appropriate with George Taylor as the major focus. I always felt that we were "cheated" as Apes fans from the second movie, especially when Charlton Heston refused to do a sequel unless he was killed off at the beginning of the movie (this was later compromised with his agent to have him appear at the beginning and then die at the end). Unlike the Apes films, which Heston so wisely foretold as being "Stories about the Apes" with more sequels, your work focused on Ape Society, Colonial Society, and the struggle of the 20th century astronauts to acclimate in a foreign, future world.
Your handling of Baltar's character was also perfect, and I liked the handling of the "new" astronaut characters, as well as the focus on Boxey, Hera, Cree, etc. in the Colonial "next gen".
Fantastic work that SHOULD be made into a movie (albeit impossible now), but worthy nonetheless.
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