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Favorite animal? Dogs, paws down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me recommend, Excalibur, when you make your own pizza, use crushed tomatos instead of sauce, and season them with garlic salt, parmesian cheese and oregano. Toss on some black pepper if you want a little kick. When it's about half way done, SMOTHER it in cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which leads to a great question: What's your favorite cheese?

I've got a great recipe for pizza and bread dough. Been makin' my own for going on 18 years now. See, and you guys thought I was only good at banging my head against the wall...


Antwaan Randal El is no name for a football player! It's a name for a Star Wars Character!! Can't you just hear Obi Wan saing "A young Jedi named Antwaan Randal El, who was a pupil of mine..."
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