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Default Colonial Service rank and grade indicators wanted!

In order to have some consistency in the ranks and guarantee that none of us accidentally decorates a captain's uniform with a COLONEL'S grade indicators, I believe someone should invest a centon or two in posting the system by which Colonial Warriors know who is superior to whom.

How, say, the decorations on Lieutenant Starbuck's uniform indicate that Flight Sergeants Jolly and Greenbean are his subordinates, how they indicate that Apollo is a captain and his superior, or how they indicate that Boomer is a lieutenant like himself.

Similarly, it should indicate how Rigel, Omega, Tigh, and Adama keep track of each other's grades as far as their bridge officers's duties go.

When I construct the bridge officers's uniforms I plan to wear as Archon, late lieutenant in the Pegasus's crew and now colonel in the Galactica's crew, I don't want to commit any grade-indicator errors if I can possibly avoid it.

In the names of the Lords Of Kobol, PLEASE help me with this; whoever does will have my advance thanks! I know for a fact, and I swear on the Book Of The Word, that I am NOT the only one with that concern!
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